A Romantic Poem From a Hopeless Heart {{28.4.2009}}

A Romantic Poem From a Hopeless Heart {{28.4.2009}}

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I look outside,
And what do I see?
Two star-crossed lovers
Looking right back at me..
Joy is all that fills their eyes
They dont yet know the ending.
Would they be surprised?

I feel a sense of deja vu.
For some reason their thoughts
Remind me of me and you.
And I gaze out upon the stars,
Only to feel,
A brush on my neck, wind on my back...
Is this real?

I thought I was alone,
Looking through the glass,
But I realize I'm with you.
I wish this meeting would forever last.
Tonight I feel as though something has changed.
I look into your intricate, beautiful eyes,
And I see the love deep inside is still the same.

I sigh in euphoria, relief.
I hadn't really seen you in so long,
I was begining to become numb with grief.
Not as if someone left.
But as if someone died.
You had commited the greatest thefts;
When you were leaving,
You took my heart, my true eyes...

Now we both look through the glass,
Hand in hand, hip to hip,
And the image I saw behind it
Was the same, down to my trembling lip.
I was wrong to think it wasn't real
But how could I have known,
If I couldn't even feel?

I continue to peer
Into this glass,
I now know is a mirror.
Seeing you look down only at me,
And smile.
I can't believe the the love shown,
By those beautiful teeth.

You turn my chin to the side,
So I'm looking up at you.
You gaze into my own eyes,
And I know your feelings are true.
You slowly lean down
To press your lips to my own.
And what interrupts us,
But a voice of my own...

I had been thinking, "Why now?"
And I'd been thinking it for a while.
I had no idea I had said it out loud,
'Til you simply answered
"It's perfect now."
And I knew that was right...
You bent back down slowly,
And we kissed, leaving me breathless for the night.

The first kiss in so long,
It felt like the first kiss we had shared.
Though I still remembered that one.
And as the wind ruffled my hair,
I looked back at the mirror
Only to see
That he had left again, leaving only me...

I felt nothing, for the second time over him
Not emptiness, not pain, nor fear.
I couldn't feel happiness, not just then.
But I knew I would, even if only in the end.
I didn't think I would have even those last few moments.
Didnt think I deserved them.
But I guess he thought I did, and gave them to me.

I started to wonder,
"Did he walk through the glass?"
So I gently pushed upon its surface,
And I went into my past.
Most people get one chance,
Some lucky ones get two,
But I got three, that I didn't think would get,
And I gave my everything to you..

In those few moments there,
I fixed everything that would have changed for the worst.
I never let my heart tear,
And I gave my most.
I still made new friends.
And I still became closer, but only
To those who I needed in the ends..

I look back through the glass every once in a while,
When you're not here,
I imagine your heart-felt smile.
I will forever taste your lips upon mine,
The taste of sweetness.
The taste no other will ever have of like kind.

Tonight's the last night
I will look through this mirror.
I'll give it to someone who needs it, or I might
Just throw it away.
After all who needs to change whats meant to be
If it's all ready happened anyways?

© 2010

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Added on February 11, 2010
Last Updated on February 11, 2010
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