*now named*

*now named*

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Every day I look in the mirror
Everything is starting to get a whole lot clearer
I can see the thing I've become
The threads hanging at the fringes coming undone
The love has gone from my heart
From  my eyes
From my smile
Even my lies
Now I sit and I wait
Wait for what, I'll never know
All I see is that I can't just go
Leave, to where?
Follow the scent thats never there
Follow the hints I never see
Follow the heart's desires in the old me
As my ever loving life comes to an end
I'll see your face, again and again
If I dont decide now, I never will
But what can I decide if I'm being killed
If not by myself then by others thoughts
I'm not sure what will be left of me, what I wont have lost
If I've lost everything I ever wanted
How can I have more?
If I loose all this I'll be haunted
Or you will be...and I'll be at your door
The wind it blows tonight
On this chilly evening that I take flight
I leave you all only to reappear
But the old me has disappeared
Today is new
Yet it feels so old
I still miss you
But that story's been told
To move on, I am trying
To live, I am dying
To love, I am crying
And to be quiet
I am sighing.
Too much
Too soon
Too little
Too far
I can never make up my mind anymore
I can never believe you anymore
I'll answer if you come to my door
But your intentions will never be clear
Who knows whos voice I'll really hear
I'm gone for now
But I'll be back soon
Not for me
Only for you

© 2011

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Added on February 11, 2010
Last Updated on January 4, 2011
Tags: intentions, unclear, dying, moving on, crying, trying, loss, love, death, confusion


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