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Starts out a bit weak. Happy screamo song, it's not really about much but I think it has some undertones of being about something... I just don't know what.



Watching you swim away, well

Shy away I know you'll be back

Victims of what?

Watching you piss on your own parade

Crying away another panic attack


I don't want anything to do with you but I want you to

Believe me when I saw that I love you the same way I did yesterday

I think there's times in life when the best answer isn't always right

I want to shake you up like a tree to take out what you've taken enough of


I'm gonna call your bluff next time you fail

Subsibe, one right

Real emotion is s**t and love is for the homeless shelters

And love is for the hopeless, so you're welcome


I don't want anything to screw this up when you've taken enough you'll take it too far

By just one step away the times we spent dancing on our own graves

God damnit so happy am I, why?  To watch myself slip and see you crying

I ask you to repeat what you said though before it was truth it's true now you're lying


Face down...

In the mirror in my old apartment

I was singing in the closet backdoor

Recording moises from the beaches outside

I got the bends from a high tide like I did before

You came around and you tried to bring me down

But you can't pull me straight through the center of the Earth

Until I hit the ground

When I sell my soul I enherit my own worth


You cannot win the rat race if you are a cat, well

I don't need you to tell me I'm a mask inside a mask

I don't feel ill or well, it's just

I've had this same cough for 3 months, that's since I met you

There are no pennies between the blades of grass

You're screaming out all of my indecencies, why are you such a pain in the a*s?

I hope no one will get my

I hope no one will get my

I hope no one will see the day we meet again

I hope no one will get this

I hope that I will make it

Just to say that I did it in the end


I don't want...

Anything to move the force that drives me towards you

I don't want anyone or anything that means I can ignore you

Because if I had the choice we'd never have met, I'd still feel like s**t

'Cause I'm sure I've been thinking of you since the day we met and the days before it






Everything feels like I'm floating on, yeah I'm gonna float on together without myself

Everything in split second time I'm second best, second guessed fucked up and missed it

I read the warnings twice but you failed to mention the things I would regret

For lack of better words I guess none are left when you leave me...



Don't think I will ever forget this

It's just

I guess

The one thing I will always regret it's

Learning to forget what my biggest regret is

© 2010

Author's Note

I like it but at the same time I think it's weird :S

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Added on December 3, 2010
Last Updated on December 4, 2010
Tags: underwater, swim, piss, anything, love, yesterday, answer, right, lying, failure, hopeless, screw up, single, alone, death, graves, crying, cheating, bastardizing, the bends, radiohead, rats, regrets