Kids for sale

Kids for sale

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this is from my writing competition


       "mom", I yelled throughout our old brick house. It was hot year round an evan hotter on  summer day like today. "what is it sweet?", came her upbeat reply. "theres some new people who moed in aross the street, I was hoping I ould go introduce myself and see If they have nay children I can play with. "Aubry, im not sure how comfoable I feel about you talking to strangers by yourself you watch th news with me. "Mom, those missing kids re all frm towns at least an hor aay from us none of them have been from here. " She scrunhed her face up into a worried expression. "im stll worried dear, just promise me you wont be gone long. "ugg promise mom, besides whats gonna happan in this borin town anyware." Aubry your young still you would be sprised at the evil found in all corners of he world." "well im sre ae new neibos house is not one of those corners." I said as I unhitched the latch and skipped out the door.  skipped acroos our reshly cut grass. We had a man moherpaid to do our yard work since it was just the o of us and she  I always complained such things were a mans job, so it was always cut short an felt good on bare feet. I piked up my pace and skittered  aross the hot street. Baked stonetured out, does not feel so good on bare feet.  I Aproached the neibors stone porch and plastered on one ofmy famouse "good girl" smiles and pushed the metal button bye the door. The doorbell chimed out a meledy lerting the residence to a visitor. The door sung open and I had o bak up quikly to avoid getting hit with it. A very tall, dark completed man stood in the doorframe. Hs head almost touhing the top. He wore dark colored shades and had an eerie not so pleasant smil on his face. He was the kind of person i you saw on the street you would cross over to the other side o avoid him. I gawked up at him orgetting my maners, or wh i had come over for that matter. "May I help you dear?" His voice raised goosebumbs on m spine. ah...umm..Im Aubry and I Uh live ars the street." "Is that so?". He said mokingly. Ye..YEs I wanted to ome and m welcome you to the neiborhood and ask if you maybea had any children." A wide evil smile went aross his face and made him look all the more frightning." "well Aubry, I have many children and Thank ou or the warm welcome.  He stepped to the side a little holding his arm in towards the house. "please come in." "I wasnt all to sure that I wanted to but I figured if he had children what wasthe worse that could happan.  I stepped into the dimly lit house and looked around. All the furniture was covered with white sheets nd there were boxes everyware.  We were staning in what looked like a living room, with a large firplace and sparce decoration. To top it all of there was a hik film of dust hanging around in he air and it was unpleasantto breath in. Ill go and get my Daughters for you." he said in a joking tone of voice. He stalked out of the room gracefully for someone of his height. I shifted bak nd orth from heel to toe taking in the dusty room. Ther was a light popping sound from the corner of the room. I peered in the direction the sound had came from, A door had come slightly open. It looked lie the entrence to  small closet or storage space. I didnt want the man to come back and think I had gotten ino his things so I tiptoed to the door with a mind to shut it. It was ery slinder and it ha not opened enough for me to get an idea of what was inside. uriousity getting the best of my I slid it open just A tiny bit more and poked my head through." It,in fact, was not a closet at all. Behind the door was a set f staires leading down. There were not any lights on in the bottom of the staircase it just dropped off into blackness . I heard footstepps comming back through the  house. "oh od, he's gonna catch me getting into things." I though. I sliped my body through the open crack of the door and then slid it closed as quitly as i could. I turned and felt my way down the dark set of staires, they didnt go on for very far until  I felt flat conrete below my feet. I rouched down and made myself small, trying to listin to the sounds upstaries. I backed up on my hands and knees away from the base of the staires. I felt somthing cold and smooth slam against my bare feet and A lound "CLANG" rang through my ears, and i felt somthing fall on me. The door upstaires flew open and a set of very bright overhead lights sapped on. he room was illumiated and I could see the horror's within it. I imediatly wished the lights would go back out. I was in a fair sized brick room and lining the back wall was a wide pen, like what you would keep large animals in. Instead o animals the pen was filled with srawny, blank faced children. The man slamed the door shut, and rought me out of my stuper. I could hear a latch shut behind him before and slowly stepped down the staircase. "I think you will do perfectly in filing my next order." "Aubry id like you to meet my lovely daughters" He said gesturing towards the cage.   There were at least seven of them in there, all girls. One of them loked about my age. I sared again at th cage in disust. An arm reacher out from behing me a clasped around my throught. The world semed to spin and I was aware of metal scratching roughly against both of my arms. I hit the ground, hard, and came back to earth. I  swirled around to see a young teenage boy shutting the cage door again. I ran forward in a panic and slamed my body against the dor, but it wouldent budge.  The man loked down at me and chuckled to himself before fliping out a phone  and punhin in a number. A mans voice picked up on the other end. "yes, yes, about ten or elevan im guessing....yes...blonde". Were the  dark mans replys to the other man on the phone.  He hung up the phone after a few moments of listning to the man on the phone and turned back to me.   He flashed me ne more evil smile before turning an walking back towards the staires. "looks like ill be moving again soon". He through over his sholder before shuting the door and latching it again behind him. "NO, YOU CANT DO THIS, LET ME GO!" I screamed after him but it was no use, he didnt come back down and from that point on my life was never the same.

© 2011

Author's Note

only had 40 min and the prompt was (its none of your buisness, but what are the neibors up to), and this is what i came up with. sory for any spelling or grammer mistakes.

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Here is my advice: Spelling and grammar are key factors in a story. If I can't really read it to understand it, I will not see the whole picture you are trying to convey. Bluntly, spelling and grammar are areas you may want to work on. Please take this as constructive criticism and the overall plot of the story was unique and interesting.

Posted 8 Years Ago

I liked it. It was a very messed up story. (Not the writing, the plot/story line) It was also a tiny bit hard to read though. You know you can etit your writing on here. Also, you should go to the next paragraph when a second person is talking. (Yes that means you should also correct your spelling too.
Here. Let me show you how the talking is suposed to look like.
(I saw the picture for this story and mad one up. I really liked the picture you chose)

"Free candy!" The van had writtin on it.
"Mommy, can I have some candy?" The young child asked her mother.
"Of cource you can..." The mother said sarcasticly. She took out her wallet and handed the men the money. "Do what ever you want with the brat."

So? I hope you liked that really short story I made up just now. That's how the talking should be done.
Keep up the good writes!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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