Poking Noses Where They Don't Belong. (6)

Poking Noses Where They Don't Belong. (6)

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Cecily starts bugging where she isn't needed and Angel protects himself, perhaps in the wrong kind of way. Short Chapter.


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There's something they say in real estate.

            Location, Location, Location.

            If angel had felt that touch from behind him while sitting in his executive's chair, he would have reached back and strangled whatever it was. But here? In his private house? He almost didn't want her to stop. It was almost as comforting to him as his liquor, or his cigarettes, or his indulgences in expensive w****s.

            And then he turned around and saw Cecily's towel drop. He stood awed for a second, admiring how youthful and taught her skin was. He was fascinated by a small heart-shaped birthmark on her back. And there she was, fussing like an adorable little moron with one of her bras.

            "God f*****g d****t," He thought to himself. "I just don't f*****g give a s**t anymore." Then he took a step over to Cecily. Her thin figure was even more appealing up close. Angel had seen his share of naked women bent over before, but some aura about her drew him in. Her mess of red hair, her long legs, the cute little a*s, it all brought out the worst in him. He took another step closer.

            "Sweetheart, you're putting it on like a f****n' dumbass. Here." he reached around and held the two white straps out for her. "Arms go through there." He felt the blood pressure in his head drop when he caught a glimpse of her chest.

            Her mind went blank, a strip of whiteness, fuzzy and distant as she heard him near. And when he touched her? She lost it. Her face was a bright mess of embarrassment and it felt like everything inside of her was melting. Like...

            "Like caramels..." She muttered before she quickly pulled her arms through the straps and covered her chest. She was half naked. Half flippin' naked with a man behind her! A grown man, most likely 10 or so years older than she was, and he was watching her. How long had he watched her? Had he seen her drop the towel?

            Her temples were near ready to burst and she wondered if this was why he was rubbing his temples last night in the elevator. She closed her eyes tightly, body shaking and she forced out a giggle.

            "Th-Thanks. I'm sure I got the rest Sir. You can go now."

            She felt like fish were swimming in her head, awkward colored and designed fish, and it left her feeling drugged and disoriented. Her knees were still wobbling and she waited for him to clip on the hooks so she could curl up somewhere and die. Why was he doing this to her? The constant swapping of emotions.

            Cecily knew that if he did anything else besides clipping the bra and leaving, she would lose it.

            Angel bent towards Cecily's ear. A little bit of blood had started to divert itself to below his waist, and he was pretty sure the end of it briefly rubbed against Cecily's butt. "You know," He whispered, "If i didn't know any better, I'd say you look just as famous naked as you do all dressed up." Angel let one of his hands slide across Cecily's waist, and down over her hip.

"I gotta do the clips now, or the f****n' things gonna fall off." Angel leaned back again and clipped the bra together.

"There. It fits okay?"

                Cecily's eyes were wide, face bright red, and her breathing increased a bit as she felt him bend himself to get closer to her. If she didn't notice earlier, she certainly noticed how tall he was now. And she also noticed something else below her waist, besides his hand slipping farther down.

                After he finished the clips she whipped around, a large frown on her face even though her eyebrows were pulled back in that worried sort of way. She looked on the verge of tears and she pushed him harder than just playing.

                "What is your game? You mess around like I'm just another thing you can buy, and then you act like I'm somethin' special!" She had her fists clenched at her sides and she knew she was probably pushing him in the wrong spots, but she didn't really care. Her arms were shaking a bit.

                "Just because I can't read words don't mean I can't read faces." She stepped back from him a bit and rubbed her right forearm with her left hand. She glanced to the side, face bright red. "And... And I don't see why I'm gettin' all dress up for..." Gulping, she glanced up at him through her still slightly damp red hair. It was curling now in place, sticking up here and there. The look on her face was defiant, but she was secretly panicking on the inside. Would he lash out? She kind of wanted him too. Whether to prove her right about his personality disorder or just to get a good smack back in place. She wanted to touch him again, but planted her feet firmly in her spot in the big closet.

            So she was gonna f**k with him, eh? Angel loved it when people got rough. Because he could always put them back in their place.

                He grabbed the collar around the girl's neck and yanked her forward as hard as he could. He wrapped his free arm around her tightly to prevent her from struggling.

                "Lookie here, SWEETHEART." He spat the words into her ear.  "You ARE somethin’ special. OH, so, so, SPECIAL." He removed the hand from her collar and placed it somewhere on her back. "Just LOOK at that F****N' HAIR! Oh, f**k! You know  what they say about redheads?, Huh, sweetheart?"

                Angel could feel the man he was used to being directing his actions once again.

                "Do you know what they say?" He loosened his grip on the girl ever so slightly. He still didn't want to break her. Not just yet.

                Chest constricting, Cecily's eyes widened as he pulled at her and she yelped, pushing her arms up and pressing them against her chest as a sort of defense. Her lip was trembling and all that tough guy stuff she had going on instantly vanished.

                His hand moved from her collar to her back and she froze, not daring to move or push him or anything. She just stared him in the eyes, watching his face contort into anger. And his hand let go a bit. She flicked her head to the side for a second, as if she could physically watch his grip on her back loosen.

                Her skin was growing cold and his palm was sweaty on her bare back. Cecily turned her head back real fast, staring up at him.

            "WHO F*****G CARES?" Angel laughed loudly at his own joke. That's what this girl was starting to look like to him. A big, f*****g joke.

            He wanted her. He'd finally come to terms with it, and it all seemed so, so funny to him. He may be going broke by the minute, with his costly employees draining his money out on the streets, but all of a sudden his time wasn't so valuable anymore. All he knew was that he had a new toy. And he wanted to play with it.

            "Look, wipe that f****n' look off your face. I think... I think it’s time you LEARNED a thing or two. A little knowledge that people use OUTSIDE of your glitter and your sparkles and your.... ah f**k. Naivety. That's the word." Angel tightened his grip again and gave her small behind a sharp smack.

            "You see, I don't know if you're old enough yet, and nor do i care, but men tend to want things sometimes, you see? Nod your head."

            Angel grabbed her by the face and nodded her head up and down.

            "And these kinds of things, only women can give them. And SOMETIMES, "Angel said, throwing Cecily on the bed and pouncing on top of her.

            "They don't GIVE it, they have it TAKEN from them."

            Cecily was a deer in headlights, watching everything happen in slow motion. So this was it. This was what real fear felt like. If anyone had asked her to describe this man, this fake Angel, she would have to say scary.

            Absolutely terrifying.

            When he gripped her face, she pulled her arms up and started hitting him. It was all sinking in, slowly, but surely. She wanted to laugh, to tackle him and tickle him and say "Oh Sir! You are such a kidder."

            But no. No no no no, not now. She couldn't. The feeling of weightlessness scratched at her and she realized that he had thrown her small body onto the bed she was rolling around on nearly an hour ago, joyful and excited for her new life. And now? Now she was staring at him with the most surprise she could muster. She felt frozen from the inside, a type of cold sickness that attacked her body with rigor mortis. It made her sick and she was fighting between dizziness and normality of her vision, slowly losing the battle.

            Then he was on top of her, ready to take her, be her first, without any warning or emotion, just pure hunger and hatred. Cecily squirmed, giant tears that had been stored in her quickly running down her cheeks now, hot and slowly making her body work again. As quick as she could, she struggled back up and grabbed his face on both sides, tears not stopping, and she forced a shaky smile on her lips, feeling like she couldn't breathe.

            "S-Sir. I-I'm sorry, I-I-I didn't... I didn't... I was." Her shoulders heaved and she tried to squirm her lower half away from him, curly hair landing in her face. She was bent forward a bit, still holding onto his face.

            "I didn't... I... please... Sir... Sir won't your friends be here soon?"

            Distraction, have to find a distraction.

            Angel didn't know what he was doing anymore. This girl, she acted like she was a virgin or something. But he saw the tears. Sometimes, he knew, girls liked it rough. Their mouths would open and close, letting out all kinds of noises- screams, yells, almost moans.

            But tears. Tears were something else altogether. He gently took her hands off of his face, and raised a hand to wipe the tears away. Any kind of desire that was in him had burned explosively and briefly, and merely smoldered now.

            Angel dazed off into his own little world again, and thought of her. What would she think of him? What would she say about another girl wearing her clothes? What would she think about him f*****g on their bed? It was too much. And like that night that she left, Angel saw the look in Cecily's eyes. Sure. It was for a different reason. But it was the same look. The look that says "fun time's over, I don't want to play anymore."

            And then they usually leave. And he couldn't let that happen.

            "Sweetheart," he started. "Don't cry, just don't - f**k, if you let one more tear out I swear to god i'll, I'll, I'll...." he trailed off. Why couldn't he just hit her? Why did she have to be so different?

            "Look, Cecily-" the name sounded foreign to him, and he pronounced it awkwardly.

            "You pushed the wrong button on me. Don't do it again." He didn't know what else to say. What was keeping him from holding Cecily against him? From taking her back on the bed and stroking her messed-up hair and letting himself be her f****n' stuffed animal?

            "I don't play GAMES. I'm trying to... trying to get you dressed up. Trying to help you. I know that's what you want. Just relax a little, okay? No- don't cry."

            He took the girl in his arms and she felt so different from the woman he held like this years ago. So different but so...right. So real. Just as real as the ice cubes that clinked against his whiskey glass, or the smoke that flew from his lungs when he smoked.

            Cecily watched him, eyes still watery and tears still slipping free. A shaky grin spread across her face and she laughed nervously, a crappy worn out laugh.

            "Oopsies." It was exciting, but it got scary exciting, and she wasn't ready for that kind of exciting yet. He was such an odd man, letting anger overcome him so fast and so easily and then dropping it, like it was nothing. Like nothing ever happened. She wondered how people did that. How they just swapped personalities so fast.

            None the less, she had pushed the buttons and got the reaction she wanted. Well. Not entirely. It was the expected outcome, just a bit... farther. When he pulled her against him, her eyes widened again and then softened. If he wanted to play his games with her, lie with her and whatnot, fine, she would act like it was nothing and would continue on her bubbly way, waiting until he slipped and she would be able to reveal him for the liar he might be.

            Gulping, she let her body rest against hers, fear subsiding deep into her and numbing her. She wanted to play with his hair, tug on it and twist it in silly little horns, but she resisted the urge. For a moment, Cecily wondered if his parents knew that their little Angel wasn't all his name cracked him up to be. In the office he seemed off, but she didn't mind. Now? Now he was... trying things. Playing with her feelings and then tossing them in the trash. She knew she was a Rat, and he was a Rich, but darnit she had feelings like he did. Just not so... hay wire. Cecily sighed against his chest, bowing her head slightly. Her arms fell limp at her side and the fronts of her hands pressed into the soft fabrics.

            She wondered how it would feel, with him pressing himself against her. That wouldn't happen, unless it was like seconds before, she knew that. Cecily closed her eyes and waited for her heart rate to slow down.


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Author's Note

Shorter. Just a bit to keep you company for now since I can't write the next part yet.

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This chapter kept me hooked the most out of any of them yet. My eyes were practically flying down the page wanting to know what would happen! Such an interesting relationship between the two of them.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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This is really good. I am glad that you posted more because I was curious as to what was going to happen next. You have something good with this.

Posted 12 Years Ago

It's so good! Your a really good writer! Can't wait for more!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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