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~ The Poet’s Journey

~ The Poet’s Journey

A Poem by

~ The Poet’s Journey, Elisa Laura, E.L. Pure being, Me, Here, Now, Musing the Muse... :D


~ The Poet’s Journey



It searches, it calls,

It attracts, it lets go,

It climbs as it falls,

It dances, and flirts,


It moves, as it lives,

It pains, as it hurts,


As pure luck, just gives...

A greater road to live.


It says when it's sad,

It grows on true love,

The days are in sin,

They go ever too fast…


I can’t keep up,

With the hurt, of it’s



Nothing to catch,

Time steals, our ways,

Of knowing each other,

Better in days,


No feel of inspiration,

When true love is gone,

As the wind is, that thin,


Fragile… tender,

And pure, on the skin,


Lustful serene, yet, secure…

Is my heart, in this delicate allure,


Without your other half;

You just can’t move on,

There are days, living strong,

And loving

But ever so gone…


Just also,

Hanging and starving,

Like curtains, so closed,

And no light to bring you,

Inside of your frost…


It approach your emptiness,

It reflects your other

Half, isn’t there,


But why can’t we move on?

In all certain fair…?

Maybe it's just;

Because we love the despair…


Not even there to listen,

Your muse shall be,


Not even to hear;

Your togetherness in fear….


For egoism, is rich, as love is

A glitch,

And the pain is too much,

For a soul in proud,

As I am too Dutch…


It searches only itself…

For it’s just a damn loner,

A wind of words, of the very own



Genetics, aren’t to be in denial,

They will follow you,

Until the last mile…


It’s like a skin of your own,

A place, where you’d grown,

Together, with each other,

But together alone…


Below my  own words;

Where your soul,

Is no longer



Where your heart just fails,

As my heart slowly dies;


I fly the imaginative

But oh so blue skies,


And darling,

Let me tell you,

Just one more little thing,


I found you, halfway…

For I am there… just to stay…


My muse,

I’m stubborn, but,

I’m on my way….



~ Elisa Laura

© 2013

Author's Note

I've told you once, I live in a Second World,
I've met there a Secret Garden...

Please if you catch any errors, on my Dutch-English tongue,
I stand open for critisism, always :) love you guys.

Feel Free xx

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Featured Review

I would have sworn I've read this one before but I must have gotten distracted in some way before I could leave a review :P There's no way I could read such an exquisitely epic piece and not say anything, especially coming from you sis ;) This is you at your best, without question...I was genuinely moved by this piece. Even as I sit here and wait for it to sink in, I find myself rubbing my eyes. I'm a perpetually sensitive person as you know, and some days find me more sensitive than others. Today is an ultra-sensitive day, and I swear I was meant to read this poem today :) It is epic in its understanding of a poet's soul, and in it's sympathy toward the poet's plight. The way you worked some of your own history into it is flawless. Through learning about you, the reader comes to understand the poet's journey. And you managed to leave me in awe of the imaginative force you were able to pack into such concise lines and stanzas. There are brilliant bits of imagery scattered throughout this piece, too many to narrow down to just a few quotes. This is one of the best you've done without question my friend, and my favourite piece of writing from you. You should be immensely proud of this one sis :) (((hugs)))

Posted 7 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

7 Years Ago

Thank you so much love, for this so heartfelt review, plus for really taking the time for it to feel.. read more


Why criticize? Heh, leave it to you to possess the best I've read yet. Beautiful as ever.

Posted 7 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

7 Years Ago

Gracias mi hermanito, I've missed you.
Vyse Cross

7 Years Ago

I know, I have missed you too. My absence from time to time is essential, I've come back though. I f.. read more

7 Years Ago

Love you hun, thanks, yes do.... We have to catch up!! :)
My Muse
I'm stubborn, but,
I'm on my way... -- lovely ending.

The emotion in this is absolutely tangible. The stirring, flirtatious, butterly whispers of the muse are never far from your pen, my dear. Ever an ethereal journey, filled with soft and gentle transcendence. You are in control of your own destiny, and no matter what (or who) happens, you will be the one to decide what is best for your beautiful mind. Lovely...

Posted 7 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

7 Years Ago

Thank you dearly Sarah, for the lovely heartfelt review my dear friend, you know, we are half-way al.. read more
Girl Friday (Sarah W.)

7 Years Ago

Truer words have not been spoken...lovely expression, and sentiment as well!

7 Years Ago

xxx :) soon I will review more darling can't wait, thank you for your patience!
First of all... there is so much emotion flowing through your words, Sis... and second, you set your path to healing... the voyage may be treacherous but in the end your positive light will prevail...
The message I get here is that you will be the one to determine your regrets...just progress, one step at a time... you're half way there, already...

Lovely work of art Sis....Such an expressive piece!~xoxo~:)

Posted 7 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

7 Years Ago

Yes.... with reaching out for my big Sis hands ;) now and then lol he he... xxxx love you! my fuel! .. read more

7 Years Ago

I cherish your heart...and you know I reach out to you as well... so you we have each others backs... read more

7 Years Ago

Always, we have, grateful to true friendship like yours .... xoxoxox :)

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Tags: Elisa Laura, E.L. Pure being, Me, Here, Now, Musing the Muse... :D, ~ The Poet’s Journey


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