Growing Up

Growing Up

A Poem by

This is a story about how people grow up the way parents don't want them too.


Hear is now the presiden tof the United states

He solves the countries problems and has a handsome face

Je was a football star and played in the NFL

He got straight As in school and nothing else

He fought in the military and made general

He won the medal of honor an dsaved everyone


At 16 he had a job and saved up for his car

He paid for everything and was very smart

At 10 he was friends with everyone

He didn't waste money and believed in God

At 4 he was ambitious and the perfect child

All of these were wishes for their first child


What really happend scared them senseless

Their child was a different kid than that

he got Ds and Fs and refused to listen

He praised the devil and he liked men

He listened to death metal and got piercings

He told his parents he hated them everyday


He started smoking at 13

He started meth at 16

He stole the car and the money

And this kid found it funny

He grew up to be a drug addict with a dishonorable discharge

He then shot the president and watched his body fall

© 2012

Author's Note

This is a poem I wrote about parents wanting their kid to be something and then the kid turns out a lot different than that. I wrote the last part a little bit about my friend who hates his parents and the end was to wrap it up. I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for your reviews.

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I thought I knew which friend but I was off. But well done It is wonderfully done. It perfectly shows the realiziation of somethings in life.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Quite true...Kids nowadays don't care what their parents want them to be someday...Anyway, in my opinion, parents shouldn't take over their children's life...Interesting topic. Well done!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on April 17, 2012
Last Updated on April 17, 2012
Tags: disappointment, anarchy, lies, killing, drug addict, failure


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