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Can't interpret the time
Nor is the time of day I need
I long for the caress of summer flowers
Carefully dancing within the breeze
Clouds doubling their size
As the sand on the ground intermingles 
From this glory, I cannot franchise
But I know one thing for sure,
And that is the separation I feel
A tug of rushing blushes
Cotton waving gently over me
As it pounds, so does my heartbeat
Waving over my body with it's wishful touches. 
A single flower in the field wavers
I reach out to it, forgiving it's loneliness
Grasping it, I study the plant with care
Feeling no twinges of fear or distress
Raising my chin, the sun hits my delicate eyes
Black is shielding my vision
My thoughts a segment, the darkness a line
I lay down, missing the sun's shine.
Night is falling and I still hold the flower
Now wilted and crumpled in my palm
I have harvested it's tidy power
My heart is beating, steady and strong. 
Flickers of sound boom in the distance
My ears pierced with it's chaos
Lazily I lay the flower aside at a stance
And peak at the winds so monstrous 
I try to scream as the hurricane hits me
But my mouth is left without a sound
Then it all becomes clear
I have not time left, I have run out. 

© 2012

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Added on May 21, 2012
Last Updated on May 21, 2012
Tags: Summer, Mystical