Death Wish

Death Wish

A Story by WriterGirl247247

Are all convicted criminals truly guilty?


Thomas sat in the corner of his cell. He stared down at his open palms in disbelief. It didn't feel real. It didn't feel like he was about to die. Only one thing kept him from breaking down, from begging for mercy and weeping like a child. Jess. Always his rock.

            It all flashed before him. The howling wind whipping around him that night. The bloodcurdling scream. Then the trial, and the look of sheer horror in his mother’s eyes when she looked at him. His father’s cutting and final words. His mother sobbing as she left.

            These were his last memories of them. The last looks they gave him were full of fear, grief, anger, and disappointment. He wondered if they would have a funeral, or visit his grave. Would they place flowers by his tombstone? Or would weeds grow around it? On his birthday, would they call him to mind with a melancholy sadness? Or would they pretend they never had a son and let his memory fade?

            He tucked his legs into his chest. He was afraid how it would feel. He wasn’t anxious of what came after death; he already knew. But dying itself was another. Would it feel as if fire ran through his veins when the deadly drug was injected? Or would he simply drift to sleep?

            He was about to find out.              

The door opened and his two escorts entered. They attached the familiar chains and led him out of his cell for the final time.

He was led through the prison. He passed the cells of inmates that had tormented him since he was brought there. They ran to the bars. They knew what today was. They cackled at him as he passed.

"Bye bye, hubby!"

"Say hi to the wife for me!"

"Till death does us part, right?"

Thomas was stoic. Their words no longer held their sting. No longer caused him to fling himself at them. He wouldn't have to hear them ever again.

He was herded into the execution room. The executioner and pastor waited for him. His chaperones unchained him and helped him onto the hospital bed in the center of the room. He was strapped down, but he wouldn't run. An eerie calmness washed over him. He wanted this. He was ready.

He glanced at the one-way mirror. No doubt Jess' parents was on the other side, about to watch their daughter's killer face justice. They never believed him. Neither did his family. They were fighting at the time, yes. But he never pushed her off the balcony. She had backed away from him, trying to get away. She tipped over the railing and he tried to catch her. Tried. But his plea of innocence during the trial was swept aside. How could he kill the love of his life?

And now after a year, his time had come.

"Do you have any final requests?" the pastor asked.

Thomas looked the pastor dead in the eye. He said yes; a wish.

To be with Jess again.

© 2016 WriterGirl247247

Author's Note

Decided to edit to add more depth. Please comment and review!

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Very strong piece, plenty of emotional depth. What i woud suggest adding is his emotional state as he passed by the inmates on his walk to meet his death.

Really well written, I have to say. The ending was perfectly executed to such a good read. The sentences are tight and punchy - just right.


Posted 2 Years Ago

When a fight goes south, but not in the traditional manner. If I ever fought with who I loved, I would do it in a calm orderly manner. I am saddened by the thought that this really does happen, but I know that an author's job is to bring out emotion. You succeeded.

Posted 2 Years Ago

One detail that would be great in this story, is the feel, sounds and smells of his jail cell. It will being the reader closer to what the character is going through.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Very good. It is a sad story and you have kept it brief but you have handled the injustice of it well.

Posted 3 Years Ago

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