2016 = Doom

2016 = Doom

A Story by WriterGirl247247

Trump vs Hilary


Another election year is upon us. This is my first presidential election, so I'm excited. Or, I was. This race has been by far one of the most emotional-- supporters on both sides standing behind their candidate with unflappable loyalty. I, on the other hand, am among a third party. A group that believes in one simple truth: We. Are. Doomed.

Early this year we started off with a mix of good and bad candidates on both sides of the aisle. Then the months ticked by, and the contenders fell one by one, until only Trump and Hilary remained.

And I cringe at the thought of punching my ballot for either one of them.

Why? I'll explain.

On the right we have Donald Trump, who's hair looks ready to take off at the next strong gust of wind. He rants about a wall, saying it will fix everything while never explaining how it will be paid for. In truth, it's a waste-- and apparently no one bothered to tell him that illegal immigrants could simply dig tunnels under the “magnificent” wall and still sneak across the border. Also, Trump mocks immigrants from all over. Hispanics, Muslims, and far too many to count. He bullies women and the disabled. He forgets the pilgrims that stepped from the Mayflower to Plymouth Rock were immigrants themselves. Trump would divide us even more in a time when we must come together.

Then to the left is Hilary Clinton. Former First Lady. Former U.S. Senator. Former Secretary of State. She obviously has the qualifications Trump lacks. But she doesn't have one important factor: trust. The blood of the brave men that died in Benghazi are still on her hands. She just wears gloves now. She claims she's responsible for Osama Bin Laden when Seal Team Six struck the killing blow, not her. Then, recently, we blinked and classified emails vanished into thin air. There have been too many incidents, too many debacles, to place America’s trust in her. Instead we are left with someone who only cares about appearing relatable and the latest poll numbers, all while throwing around her grandmother status.

All the good candidates are either gone or running for Vice President. Now we're left with a man who could press the red button at any moment, and a woman who could place yet another knife in our backs while maintaining a smile. Simply, we are not picking the best candidate.

We are picking the best of the worst.

So choose Trump or Hilary, punch the hole, and say a quick prayer they're out within four years.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to pack for Canada.

© 2016 WriterGirl247247

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Hello, Writer! :)
I enjoyed your essay.
I'm voting for Hillary because her husband is sexy. I want to see more of him.
What did she do in Benghazi?

Posted 3 Years Ago


3 Years Ago

Her and her department kept ordering responders to stand down, when they could have saved those men.

3 Years Ago

Hey, Writer, thanks for giving me something to read up on.The congressional committees reported that.. read more

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Added on October 7, 2016
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A Story by WriterGirl247247