Chapter 2

Chapter 2

A Chapter by Created to Write

After Icegirl is done in her room. She and Robin go out to the beach to join the others.


Megan's green and yellow figure disappears under the rippling water. When it stills, her head resurfaces, red hair dripping.
"Great dive Megan!" I yell from my towel. She wades out of the water and gives a thumbs up to Kaldur, who is perched on the Diving Ledge. That's the big rock by the deepest part of the cove. The whole team says it's the best place to dive. Not that I'd know.

"Abigail, you should try the Ledge." Megan says, dripping. "Or at least get into the water." She lays down onto the towel next to mine. "It's really relaxing."

"No thanks Megan. I'm not a water person. Especially salt water." I explain, "I'd rather sit here and read." Open up Knights of Arretthrae and continue reading.

"Okay, suit yourself. Kaldur did a perfect cannonball. I'm going to see what to do next." She leaves and waves to Conner on the way to the water. He is currently being buried by Artemis and Tim. Wally is speed creating a sculpture; of Artemis no doubt. Everyone knows he's crazy for her, except Wally, apparently. But I can't really see the sand figure, he's behind me.

Half a chapter later, my skin is feeling warm. Burns and bruises don't mix well. I put my book down and stand up. Tentatively, I step onto the sand.But I'm back on my blue towel wiping sand from my feet. I look around.

Artemis joined Megan and Kaldur in the water and Conner is climbing the Diving Ledge, covered neck to toes in sand. The only other people on the sand is Wally whose farther up the beach and Robin on his towel. The yellow speedster is patting wet sand into place.

'What on Krypton is he sculpting?' Tim, on the other hand is tanning in the sun's rays. Not that he needs it. But instead of his complexion, I notice how his glasses are placed.

They are loosely placed across the bridge of his nose. They are practically dangling. I look around the beach. The far left of the beach has no one in it. From that far away, no one could see clear features, excepting Conner.

'Maybe I will go for a dip.' I tip over to Tim, braving the hot sand. Through the dark lenses, I see his eyes are closed.

'Time for my April Fools prank.' Swiftly, I grab his sunglasses and race down the beach. I get a decent head start as he scrambles to stand up. I hold his glasses high in the air

"Wha-? Abigail! Give 'em back!" He yells behind me. 

"Catch me first and maybe I will!" I call back. I know how athletic Tim is compared to me. He's going to catch up. I just want to get to the water before he does. 

The water is up to my knees when the Boy Wonder barrels into me, spray flying everywhere. He wraps his arm around me, pinning my right one. But my left holds the object in dispute. I try to escape, but the raven-haired boy behind me won't let go.

"Give 'em back Abigail." He demands.

"Never." I tease. Tim picks me up with both hands in front, freeing my arm. I squirm, but like before, he doesn't budge. Then he does something surprising.Instead of going back, Tim goes out farther. Soon I can't feel the sand under my feet.

"Robin! I can't swim without shifting! You of all people know that!" I scream, panicked. He smoothly turns me around so I face him.

"Don't worry, I got you." He swings my dripping legs up and cradles me. "But. . ." He states, pausing.

"But, what?" I query. He leans in close. The sunlight makes his blue eyes shine. A small lock of wet hair tickles his eyebrow.

"I'd like my shades back please." He whispers. I giggle and peek at the glasses I still have in my clutches.

"Let me think about it." I say, stalling. Tim starts rocking me back and forth. I've seen this movement before. He's planning on throwing me!

"ALRIGHT!" I yell. He stops and I slip his 'shades' back over his nose.

"Thank you." He says turning back to shore.

"That was a little cruel of you, but your welcome." I state. 

"You know I wouldn't throw you, right?" He asks.

"Yeah, I know." I wait a brief pause, "but at least I got you in the water. That was my WHOLE plan!" He gives me a mischievous look.

"You know what? I am going to throw you." He decides. 

"Oh really?" I query. He nods.

"Yep, right now, in front of us." He states matter-of-fact like. 

"I'd like to see you try." I dismiss. Tim stops and chucks me forward. At first I squeal. I don't usually, but there's a first time for everything. Right before I hit the water, I shift into a bluejay and fly to where he can't reach me. I look to see him continuing to swim back.

"I knew you'd do that." He tells me.

"Yeah, yeah." I tweet in reply.

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Author's Note

Created to Write
Are there any 'who's that should be 'whose'?

Knights of Arretthrae is a real series. I didn't make it up. Read it! It is a good series.

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