Chapter 3

Chapter 3

A Chapter by Created to Write

Stuck between water and a high place.

I fly back to my towel and shift back to human form. I look around for my book. But it isn't here! I look around the sand nearby and even check under my towel. I sit on my haunches, frustrated. 'I left it right here!'
When I look up, I spot the tan cover of The Knights of Arreathrae on top of the gray Diving Ledge. I sigh.
"Okay guys, who put my book up there?" I shout so everyone can hear. 'I'm getting a little tired of April First.' Conner snickers over by the water's edge. He looked a little suspicious with dry sand on his hands.
'Didn't he just dive into the water?' I ponder. I stand up and walk over to the rocky outcrop. At the base, it looks bigger, taller.
'Well, if the others can climb it, so can I.' I find a foothold and slowly reach the smaller ledge. I can get down from here. I don't want to go any farther. On my tippy toes, my eyes are level with the book. I stretch my arm out to retrieve it. But right when I'm about to get a hold on it, the paper back binding slides away from me.
Reluctantly, I climb to the part where the others jump off. There's my book, just waiting for me to pick it up. Again, I reach for it . . . Only to have Wally snatch it away! He speed climbs down the other side.
"Hey!" I yell at him. Artemis, Conner, and Wally are all laughing their heads off at the sick joke they played on me. 
"This isn't funny!" I complain, a pleading note in my voice. Artemis stops clutching her chest and looks up at my sad state.
"Why don't you come down and say it to our faces!" She yells back, smirking. I look down the edge at the sand. I don't have the strength to shift my way out of this. 'Stuck between water and a high place.'
I sit on the rock and bury my head into my knees. I'm starting to panic. A tear escapes my eye and drips onto my teal and blue tankini top and shorts. I hear someone moving in the water.
"Abigail." That someone asks. I don't look up.
"Abigail, I'm right here." They continue. My tears start to multiple. Falling and drowning are two of my worst fears.
"You'll be fine." I force my head up. I see Kaldur treading water in the diving area. "I'll catch you." He says calmly.
"I can't swim well. I'm afraid-"
"Afraid of what, Icegirl? Water?" Artemis taunts. I turn to look at her.
"Drowning." I state simply. 
"You won't drowned. I'm an Atlantian remember?" Kaldur taps his gills to prove his point, "You'll be fine." He coaxes. I scoot over to the water side of the edge and look down. A small whimper escapes my throat.
"She won't do it." Wally says, realizing their mistake, "you never said she wouldn't do it! You said-" Wally states to Artemis.
"I said what? That she was a guppy? I'm thinking more along the lines of a chicken." Artemis corrects loud enough for me to hear. That last word echoes in my head.
I stand up and take a few steps back. I'm shaking. Before I know what I'm doing, I run forward and leap off the rock, curling into a cannonball form. I feel the impact of the water as I make my first splash in the Mount Justice Cove. Kaldur keeps me up by under my arms. I only know by touch; my eyes are sealed shut. 
"You did it, Abigail. You're safe." I open my eyes and look around.
'I just jumped off the Diving Ledge!' I can't help but feel a burst of pride in my chest.
"Try to swim back. I'll be nearby in case you need me." He assures, interrupting my thoughts. I nod and start back. I kick my legs until I feel sand under my feet. Tim is waiting in ankle deep water with Megan. She is holding my towel, the sand shaken off of it. When Kaldur and I reach them, she wraps me in it. Giving me a proud smile, she goes off to the lunch basket. Kaldur follows her.
"I'll be fine, Robin." I say, careful to use his hero name. Nevertheless, Tim sticks by my side as I approach Artemis. My eyes threaten to spill again. I hold them back.
"How was the dip?" Artemis asks. I skip to the point. 
"That was a sick joke." I inform her, speaking just above a whisper. 
"Ohh, poor Icegirl. Can't take April Fools?" She replies with mock pity. I don't let it faze me.
"You knew what my fears were. I'm not a good swimmer on low energy and scared half to death of heights." Again, I feel my cheek is wet. I don't wipe the tear away. "But I don't need anyone, let alone you, to remind me." I finish. She just stares at me, unmoved and unflinching.
"Abigail!" Megan yells over. I look her way. She's holding a ziplock bag up in the air. "I got your sandwich here! Better eat it before Wally does!" I smile.
"Okay, be right there!" I call back. Then I turn back to Artemis. "The water was a little warm. But that was probably just my temper." Then I walk over to Megan, leaving Artemis with a surprised look on her face.
I sit down and take my sandwich. My book appears in my vision. The hand holding it belongs to Conner.
"We're sorry we did that." Wally apologizes.
"I didn't even know you couldn't swim until now." Conner confesses. "She didn't tell us why we were doing that prank."
"That wasn't even close to funny." Megan adds. She continues to pass out the meals. When everyone finishes eating, they all scatter to continue their normal activities. I'm standing near the entrance, thinking about going in. Tim walks over to me.
"Did you forgive Artemis?" He asks after a long pause.
"Yes." I say. I take a long breath and say what is on my mind, "Worst April Fools Ever."
"You sure you're okay." Tim asks, a little worried.
"Yeah." I reply. Tim knows better. 'We share a common knowledge:
Artemis knows my bulls eyes and never misses a shot.'

© 2015 Created to Write

Author's Note

Created to Write
There are a few places I'm not sure about with dialogue.

Some facts about the characters:
-Artemis is an archer.
-Wally loves to eat and will do so with his super speed.
-I can't swim very well. And I'm terrified of heights.
-Artemis isn't exactly nice to Icegirl a lot. But she pulls through when needed.

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Not bad, though it did her a bit confusing with all the name changing.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Created to Write

9 Years Ago

Sorry. I didn't want to put only one name.
Silent Wolf

9 Years Ago

It's okay. Maybe say in the story who they are instead of outside. Like, kaldur, aka aqualaf.
Created to Write

9 Years Ago

Good idea.

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Created to Write


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A Chapter by Created to Write