Chapter Two: Diane

Chapter Two: Diane

A Chapter by Created to Write

I'll be back in a week or so.

This is it. Today was the day. I've always dreamed of going to Paris and now it's happening. My parents said my grades were never better, so as a reward I could go. And they were paying for half my ticket. That means I have to pay the other half, but so what? I've got money.
"Oh sweetie." My mom hugs me tight as we stand on the front porch. She was always so emotional with goodbyes.
"Mom, I'll be back in a week or so. No need to hug me so tight." She finally steps back and is replaced by my dad. He's more gentle. I descend the short flight of steps to our walkway.
"Diane!" My friends call from Tina's convertible. I convinced my two closest friends to come with.
"Tina! Gracie! Don't leave without me." I tease. Gracie rolls her eyes.
"Wouldn't dream of it." She replies.
"Hurry up Diane. I want to get to the airport with time to shop." Tina states when I open the door. I slide into the back seat, buckle up, and we're on our way.
After an hour of shopping, we all sit by our gate until the plane comes in. I'm reading a book I just got,Matched. The others are looking at this and that, commenting on different people they see across the room, etc. One moment they stopped talking altogether. I look up from my page to see why. There is a man sitting across from us with a child. He has tats all over him. He looks mean. I try to change the subject to keep them from staring.
"So, girls, what will you miss most while we're in Paris?" I ask. Tina perks up.
"I'd have to say the town garden. Ooh! and the pool. And the life guards! They're all really cute." She states right away. There are a lot of guys that will miss Tina too.
"I'm going to miss my backyard. You can climb on those rocks forever." I say dreamily. Before Gracie can answer, the announcer starts talking. We will sit in the middle of the plane so we watch the front load up first. All rich people.
"When we get back home, we are throwing you the biggest bash ever!" Tina says from her seat by the aisle. I sigh and look away from the beautiful view I have at my window seat.
"Tina, I don't want a big party. I'm not turning eighteen, only seventeen." I argue.
For the majority of the plane ride I read, looked out the window, and slept. Then I remembered-
"Gracie, what are you going to miss from home?" I ask. She is sandwiched between Tina and me. Gracie turns a shade of pink.
"Not a what, Diane, but a who." She corrects.
"Gracie's gonna miss Nathan! Gracie's gonna miss Nathan!" Tina sings. Nathan is Gracie's boyfriend. The two start chatting about boyfriends and cars, two things I don't have. I tune out and listen to Jo Dee Messina on my iPod.

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Created to Write
I wrote this one.

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I like this chapter. Reads like a YA novel.

Don't really have much to criticize. You're getting better.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Created to Write

9 Years Ago

Thank you!

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Created to Write


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A Chapter by Created to Write