Chapter Four: Tyler

Chapter Four: Tyler

A Chapter by Created to Write

I should fly more often.

First class seating, a cute flight attendant, and a meal. I should fly more often. Steven is at his seat looking out the window. My brother, twin brother, hates flying. I'll never admit it but, he's older by like, five minutes.
"Hey Steven," I say. He looks my way. I've interrupted his thoughts. "You look a little air sick." I joke.
"I'm not green Tyler." He says, not taking to the joke.
"No no, that's sea sickness. Ahh, never mind, you won't understand." I wait for him to say he will, but after five minutes I give up. I turn on the tv on the seat in front of me and find the movie Pacific Rim. Selecting it, I watch it for an hour or so. But since we have this movie at home, I'm easily bored.
"Not finding anything to watch, sir?" I look up and see the flight attendant I mentioned earlier.
"No, I've seen most of the movies. Can you get me a Mt. Dew? I'm kinda thirsty." I reply.
"That's what I'm here for. Be right back." She leaves to retrieve my soda. She has more time for specific fliers because there aren't very many in the first class section. There's me, Steven, a group of business men, and a woman that is old enough to be my grandma.
"Here you go sir." The attendant says. She was fast. I take the drink and stare at it. "Did you want ice?" She asks.
"Not likely. Ty there is just used to having his pop in a can." My brother says from across the aisle. He called me by my nickname, Ty. "Don't worry about it miss." She giggles and walks away. My brother, the charmer. Although he'd probably say the same for me.
I take a sip and set it in the cup holder. I pick up a magazine in front of me. It has a fancy car on the front. My car is cooler from my point of view. I flip through, thinking of asking mom and dad for a second car. I wish. . .
Steven mimics me by picking up a magazine too. I peek at his. Its cover has a garden on it. Whatever keeps him occupied. I won't judge.
"I read all the others while you were watching that movie if you were wondering." He says like he read my mind.
"I didn't say anything." I admit.
"I never said you did." He replies, not looking up from his magazine. We both read in silence. I finish my pop and the flight attendant replaces it with a can. She remembered. I wonder what it's like in the coach seats? My brother's paper makes a loud crinkle sound.
"I gotta whiz, be right back." I peek over the page I'm on to see him walk up the aisle to the first class bathroom.

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Created to Write
Created to Write


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A Chapter by Created to Write