Chapter Eight: Tyler

Chapter Eight: Tyler

A Chapter by Created to Write

We'll crash into the sea.

I'm humming to cover up the reason why my leg is moving. I should have gone before Steven. Now I'm waiting for him to get out. I sit in my seat, ready to bounce up the moment he opens the door.
"Another Mt. Dew, sir?" the flight attendant asks. I look up and can tell she's joking.
"My brothers in the bathroom." I admit.
"You could use the coach restroom." She suggests. I shake my head vigorously.
"Nah, I'll be alright. He's quick." I say, hoping. I pick up my magazine and try to read through it. Then the plane shudders. Turbulence, not surprising. I click my seatbelt on and continue. The plane makes a larger shudder.
"What in the-" A business man to my left says. I hear an attendant say 'turbulence.' But how she says it makes me a little worried. Nah, it's nothing.

"Folks, we have a bit of a situation. Prepare for a bumpy landing." The pilot says from the speakers in the back. The flight attendants walk back to where they sit for take off. The plane groans.
Then a huge jolt rips through the whole plane. So much for needing to pee. The old woman can't keep calm and starts screaming.
"I'm not too young to die but that doesn't mean I want to!!" she screams over and over. The plane dips and falls. A flight attendant, a stupid one at that, leaves her seat to calm the lady down. The plane falls even faster.
The flight attendant loses her footing and starts sliding down the aisle. I grab her hand at the last second. Our grip loosens a bit, so I unbuckle my seat belt. I collide with the chair in front of me. That gives me an idea.
"I'm going to pull you up into this seat!" I yell to her, pointing. She nods and brings her other hand up to grab mine. I pull her up. Thank goodness for all those time I was in the workroom at home. I never thought it would come in handy.
Getting her in the seat would be the tricky part. She's right next to me behind it. I put my hands at her waist and hoist her up and over. She's light as a feather. Are flight attendants always this weightless?
It did take some effort. I held her in the seat from behind as she buckled in. I let go and buckle up too. I close my eyes and think about what might happen. We'll crash into the sea. There are no islands that we'll fly over, right?
I remember my spill earlier that dampened the seat of my pants. My mind wanders to if I was in the bathroom when this happened. Then I think of Steven. Oh no.
"Steven!!" I hear the sound of branches snapping and brace for impact.

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Created to Write
I wrote this one.

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Created to Write


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A Chapter by Created to Write