Chapter Seven: Steven

Chapter Seven: Steven

A Chapter by Created to Write

I shift my position, not really wanting to get up, but it’s inevitable. I close my magazine with an inward sigh and set it in my seat, getting up. 

“I gotta whiz, be right back.” I said, heading towards the first class bathrooms. 

I closed the doors behind me and pulled my zipper down, thinking about my parents. Why don’t they ever spend time with us? I mean, I understand that they have to work and all, but couldn't they take off just one week to spend time with their kids? Especially since they're rich. 

I mean, they shouldn't have to work because they're rich, but they're obsessed with money. It’s like they just can’t get enough of that green paper, and it’s kind of ridiculous, to be honest... 

I sigh, closing my eyes for a moment. Our parents always leave me to take care of my younger brother. I may only be five minutes older than Ty, but I feel like I'm five years older. He acts like a child sometimes, which makes it harder to take care of him, but I love him to death. He’s like one of those friends that you can call your bro, only he is my bro. 

I start to zip up my pants when suddenly the plane jerks and I'm thrown against a wall, interrupting my train of thought and making my sore back hurt worse. I knew I shouldn’t have slept that way last night, I just knew it, but I did it anyways. Hey, I fell asleep faster than I ever did... 

I grumble under my breath and stand up, starting to turn around when it suddenly feels like I'm falling. But I'm not falling, am I? No, I’m not falling, I don’t think. So why do I feel like I’m falling? Maybe it’s because I’m on a plane, and I probably just don’t feel well. It’s kind of common for me to not feel well on a plane... 

The plane jerks again and I'm thrown to the ground. Turbulence, of course. Why now? Why did we have to have stupid turbulence now, of all times? Oh well, it's nothing to be worried about, right? 

I grab the edge of the toilet and lift myself up to my knees, and not a moment later my lunch comes up. Well, so much for that fine meal. I grab the closest thing I could find, which just so happened to be a towel, and wiped off my mouth, but didn’t get up for a minute. I still feel like I’m falling. Maybe it’s just because I feel kind of dizzy. I should probably drink some water or something. 

I head over to the sink and turn it on, then wash my hands and splash a bit of water on my face to help me calm down a bit. For some reason, it doesn't help much, and I still feel sick. Man, I hate planes. 

I grab a cup out of the dispenser on the wall and fill it with water, hoping that a drink of water might wash the taste out of my mouth and settle my stomach. But before I could take a sip of it, the plane jerks again and I'm thrown against another wall, the water splashing all over my white shirt. Well, great. Just freaking great. 

The cup - well, more of a paper cone - rolls around on the ground, but I don't bother going for it. There's others there. 

After a moment, I sigh and head over to the door, grabbing the handle and turning it, but stopping when I hear screaming. Something's not right, and I know it, but over all the noise in the background, I could hear Ty shouting my name. Probably just worried that I was in the bathroom for so long, but not really caring because he’s probably in the middle of another one of his stupid horror movies. Or maybe he actually has to go to the bathroom. I should probably apologize to him about that. 

Suddenly, the sound of trees snapping filled my ears, and then the plane came to an abrupt stop, and I was thrown around the bathroom until my head collided with something hard and smooth and smelled like piss, then everything went black. I couldn’t see anything, couldn’t hear anything, couldn’t feel anything. The only thing I could feel was pain.

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I always like to read stories on here as there's so much poetry. Good job! :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

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A Chapter by Created to Write