Chapter Nine: Mariah

Chapter Nine: Mariah

A Chapter by Created to Write

I awake with a groan of pain, my everything hurting. The oxygen mask I had on was shattered, pieces of it lying everywhere around me. I try to breathe, but something's clogging my nose, making it hard. I look down and notice a little bit of blood on the tip of my nose. When I see the cuts and bruises on my body, I remember what happened. 

I try to move my hands to unbuckle myself, but my fingers feel like they're made of lead, so it takes forever. When I finally get myself unbuckled, I fall onto the seat in front of me, then groan, pulling the mask off. My entire body is covered in blood, from my head down to my toes. Some of it is dried, but most of it is still wet and fresh. 

A moment later, my head starts to hurt, and I start whimpering, rubbing my temples, only to stop a moment later when I hear crying. It sounds like a little kid. 

I look over my shoulder and see the kid who was kicking my seat earlier crying, but by the looks of it, he won't make it. His injuries are too severe. I have to look away, or else I might get sick. Normally, I can tolorate the sight of blood, but this was too much blood. 

Once the kid stops crying, I sit down and start crying. Am I the only one who might survive this tragedy? Somebody please tell me I'm not alone in this! 

Suddenly, I hear somebody puking and look up, frantically trying to find the source of it. 

"H-Hello?" I called, then cleared my throat, though it didn't do much good. I get up slowly and stumble down the isle, ignoring the pain in my ankle, looking for somebody who seems awake. 

A moment later, I spot a girl with relatively minor injuries not far away. I stumble down towards her isle, which was halfway down the plane from where I was. 

"Do you need help getting out of that?" I asked when I noticed she was still buckled in. 

She nodded and I bent over, pulling at the buckle until it finally came undone, then helped her get her mask off and grabbed her arm, tugging it over my shoulders. I gently started pulling her to her feet, feeling bad when she whimpered in pain. 

Normally, after the first try, I would have just left them to do their own thing, but this was a different story. I don't want to be stuck here, wherever here is, surviving on my own. After a few tries, I finally get her to her feet, most of her weight on me. 

I help her over towards the large gap in the plane where the plane apparently tore in half. I felt sick just looking at the three-four foot drop to the ground, but I knew I had to get out of this plane or we'd both be in trouble. I hesitate, then look at her. 

"You go first, I'm going to look for survivors. Stay at the bottom." I said quietly, and she nodded. 

I kneeled down on the ground, holding her hand, then watched as she jumped down. I kept a strong hold on her hand to make sure that when she landed, she didn't fall over. She was shorter than I thought, because her feet barely touched the ground, and it hurt my side to hold on to her like this. 

After a moment to make sure she was steady, I let go of her hand and head back down the plane. Heading towards the back of the plane was just a downhill slope, which should have been easier, but instead, it made my ankle hurt more. 

I went down each isle, trying not to let the sight of each person get to me as I checked each one of them for a pulse. Nobody, not even the kid, had a pulse strong enough worth saving. Not even the pregnant woman in the front, which saddened me the most. 

After double checking, I head back towards the gap and look down to make sure the girl was still there, which she was. She looked up at me and I shook my head sadly, which seemed to make her cry harder. I turned around, grabbing the edge of the plane, then jumped back, swinging myself down. I was kind of tall for my age, which just so happened to be sixteen. 

As soon as my feet hit the ground, a fresh wave of pain washed over me, starting at my side and running to my ankle. I let go of the plane and stumbled backwards, falling on my rear end. My ankle... 

I sat up and leaned forward to look at my ankle. It seemed a little swollen, but it didn't feel like it was broken. I think I just sprained it, which means I could probably still walk on it, right? I slowly pushed to my feet, then walked over to the girl and sat next to her, wanting some sort of distraction. 

"What's you're name?" I asked quietly. 

"Diane." She whimpered, looking up at me with innocent brown eyes.

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Silent Wolf's Chapter.

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A Chapter by Created to Write