I Trust You

I Trust You

A Story by WriterMe

Three words changed everything he believed in...

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           ‘What am I even doing here?’ Adam asked himself while sipping on a bottle of warm beer, to which he grimaced. ‘This is so not my scene’.

He looked around the dimly lit club with bodies swaying to a techno track he automatically branded lame. People he did not know and couldn’t care less about, tried to make small talk, which he rudely dismissed. And to top it all, the beer sucked. So why the hell was he still here?

So while grabbing yet another bottle of beer, he decided to settle on a couch in the corner of the room, hidden from local view and that stupid noise. After which he chose to reside in his thoughts and in free beer, a mild buzz beginning to swerve his head around.

Through half lidded eyes, he took another glance across the room when something caught his eye, a tall brunette stumbling through the center crowd, trying to get away from the hot atmosphere.


The reason began to come in sight. He came to the party to see if she looks good in something else besides those stupid shirts and jeans she always seems to wear to class. He sat up to get a better view of her, and to his surprise, she was trudging in his direction.

 As unique as her name, smart and responsible Aria was adored by everyone. Loves books, music, family, good friends, and hates egoistic, self centered, stuck up boys like Adam. Oh she hated him so much but that did not stop him from talking to her.

He did not care that their main form of conversation were only arguments and lots of them. He enjoyed the way he annoyed her with his perverse comments and jock humor. He liked the way she retaliated everything he had to say and questioned all his belief on a good time solely involving girls and alcohol. He enjoyed this girl’s company no matter how much she despised him.

In fact her un-interested attitude sparked his. Her ignorance made him even more curious in trying to get to know her.

She had once told him in one of their usual disputes that he would end up alone in the world if he kept up that smart a*s attitude of him. And as much as it pains him, he couldn’t agree more. But of course he would never admit that out loud. He was Adam Mayfair for crying out loud, the son of one of the college trustees. He was rich, popular, and excellent with the ladies. He hosted the best of parties in the best college dorm, with the best of booze, smokes and the pot. He had it all.

But despite that, why could he never seem to get Aria Williams?

When she finally got out of the crowd, she settled against the wall next to him and closed her eyes. Her long chestnut hair was not in its usual bun at the back of her head, usually secured by a trusty pencil. But this time it gracefully cascaded down her thin shoulders and framed her fair face making her look like an entirely different person.

She was surprisingly wearing a short, dark dress which Adam noticed with a quirk of an eyebrow had a plunging neckline. Sadly, it was partially concealed with this annoying black jacket she wore on top. Finally, his ice blue eyes rested on the pale skin of her long legs that stretched out beneath her, which suddenly made the party a little interesting.

Who knew Aria was capable of looking this beautiful? She never considered wearing anything short or remotely revealing for the fear of turning into those mind numbingly dumb girls in class. Whose idea of a life changing decision would be switching from auburn to honey gold highlights.

Infact, Adam hated those high pitched, nasal, bubblegum survivors as well. But hey, a guy’s gotta eat, doesn’t he?

He never even thought of a relationship with any of them. They were hot and fun to fool around with. And when he was bored with one, he’d just hook up with another. It was as simple as that. There was nothing more they could offer anyway, except with the occasional sing-song ‘whatever’.

He knew they were all in for the money, so a quick night with Adam Mayfair means instant popularity. And who was he to deny hot girls throwing themselves at his disposal?

The funny part was with every girl he slept with, he always looked for the security he much needed. The feeling that no matter what happens he’d have someone to depend on, and that someone wasn’t in for the wealth his family had, but for him. With every girl he brought to bed, he’d always have searching eyes which were sadly, always left with disappointment.

 But who was he kidding?  He bet his Dad looked for the same thing in life and see where his parents ended up? Divorced and broken. His father was a soulless workaholic and his mother’s 5th wedding was next month. Or was it the 6th?

Because of all this, nothing mattered to him anymore. Girls were just a tool, alcohol was his idea of fun and weed just brought on a short span of happiness he wish he had in reality. Yes, he was cold and alone. So what if he was bad and ruthless? He doesn’t care about anything. He never did. And at that point of time, he thought he never will.

“Hello?” a familiar voice snapped him out of his reverie. And there standing before him was none other than Aria. “You look stupid” she bluntly commented which made him fight the urge to smile. Insults were their form of greeting.

“Yeah, well I’m sorry I can’t say the same” Adam said, to his surprise a response not like his usually self.

“Gasp” Aria says mockingly, “Did the popular Jackass just compliment me?”

“I…I’m afraid so” again another reply not becoming of Adam’s character.

“Well…” Aria moved forward. “Tell me I look pretty then”

As she leaned forward, it was then Adam heard the way her voice slurred and how she swayed on solid ground which made his realize something…..

 Wait. Was Goody good child Aria Williams… Drunk?

This suddenly made the whole party so worth it.

And as if on cue, she fell against him and seconds later she tried to pick herself up. “Don’t touch me!” she said, trying to get away, “Let go of me you B*****d”

Adam was clearly offended. She fell on top of him and he was being called the b*****d. Fine, he was about to let go but something made Adam hold on to her even tighter.

“Stop moving you stupid woman, you’re going to fall” he told her. “No!” she yelled back, “I said STOP!” he yelled in a tone he had never used on a woman before.  And to his amazement it made Aria settle down, and with his fortunate luck, on his lap.

He heard her groan and she leaned against his shoulder. “You are such a moron…” she said to him, her warm breath tickling the side of his neck. “Yeah, and you are so wasted” he replied.

But she did not seem to hear him and continued to groan. “I feel weird…” she looked up at him which suddenly made him aware how close she was. Were Aria’s eyes always green? And did she always have those faint freckles on her nose? “Yeah duh, it’s because you’re drunk” Adam retorted quietly.

He was so close that he couldn’t help leaning in to smell of her hair and the flowery perfume of her skin. She smelled so clean, so pure despite the sweaty, filthy people that surrounded her that night. It made him wonder, how could a girl smell so innocent?

Without a warning, his mouth suddenly met a pair of soft lips. Aria leaned in so gently, he never noticed when she kissed him. For the first time in his life, a kiss caught him completely off guard and he tried to pull away. But as much as he willed himself to, he couldn’t. This kiss wasn’t like the other numerous ones he has had. It wasn’t fast paced. It did not feel needy or desperate. It was slow and gentle, devoid of any urgency whatsoever. It felt light and happy, like she had all the time in the world to feel everything in this one kiss. And weird enough no one has ever kissed him that way before.

He knew most girls he slept with wanted the reputation that came along with him. And the next realization hit him like a blow. Why would Aria be any different? She must have wanted the very same thing millions of other girls coveted from him. Popularity.

So no matter how tender or inviting her moist lips felt, he wanted to get it over with. Almost disgusted with the fact he bothered wasting time on her. She was nothing but a toy, just like every other girl he met.

When they broke apart for a few seconds, she began whisper things in confusion “This can’t be right…” a puzzled look settled on her face.  “Why can’t I stop…?”

He rolled his eyes at her pathetic excuse and a small flame of anger began building up inside him along with pity, disappointment, but not guilt. So then he did the only thing he could think of. He lulled her with fake and sugary words; slowly coaxing her that’s it’s alright, that kissing was all they were going to do. And it all would be perfectly fine in the morning.

Shame was not known to him and why should it? He had done it with many other drunken girls before, lying to them but eventually sleeping them. So why would this be any different? Just like a wolf luring a snowy white lamb into his den, ready to pounce on his prey before it realized it, he was ready to do just the same.

And as he predicted, she fell for it. His false words caused her to shed her jacket, while making herself comfortable on his lap, with her legs on either side.

He was ready to take her in already, but the next time their lips met, he felt it again. He felt the intensity of her touch. Some unheard of emotion began forming inside him, and it did not feel anything close to lust. What was this he was feeling?

He tried to take thing faster to make this alien emotion go away so he followed his routine actions. He slid a hand under her skirt while the other began to slide off the flimsy strap of her dress, causing her skin to heat in response. He was sure he had it now but when their lips met for the third time, he felt the same thing yet again.

This foreign emotion began heightening itself, making him aware of the suppleness of her skin, the way it felt against the roughness of his palms. He began liking the way she reacted to his touch, or how she softly moaned against his lips every time he caressed any part of her.

And again he found himself escaping these thoughts. He shouldn’t be thinking any of this. He shouldn’t be feeling anything. He was supposed to be numb and lustful. What was happening to him?

So he began to conduct another scheduled action by kissing the side of her neck, the freshness of her skin began overwhelming him but he tried hard to fight it. He began to kiss her neck hungrily already expecting her to start begging to be taken to a private place.  And despite him thinking it, the very same thought angered him. He would prove to himself that she was just like the rest, foolish and useless. Everything he felt right now was caused due to the spur of events and nothing more. And that he felt nothing for her, just like he never felt anything for anyone else.  

Suddenly something else happened; her hands which rested on either side of his shoulders moved up. One lightly cupped the back of his neck and the other lost itself in the feel of his hair. It was then he realized how she was holding him. The way his face cradled against her chest, allowing him to feel the warmth radiating off her despite the chill of the room, or the soothing sound of her heartbeat beating against his cheek. She held him in a way a mother would lovingly hold her child. Brushing all his fears away, removing all the pain and soothing him with assurance and sounds of love. He held her in the way his mother never did.

For the first time that night he allowed himself to be enveloped by this over riding comforting gesture. He stopped kissing her and looked up, clearly surprised. Her cheeks were tinted rouge, her face blushed like a new bride, her lips were red and as smooth as velvet from which she took slow breathes to make up for the hot flurry of emotions they both felt. He felt so much in that one hug and all she did was hold him like no one had before.

He found the urge to fight against this feeling one last time before it consumed him. Out of habit his hand grew closer to her neckline, anything to make this stop, anything to make this unknown feeling go away. He hastily continued kissing her neck, going dangerously lower and lower till something stopped him.

“Adam?” Aria gently whispered against his ear which froze him where he was. He had never heard his name through her lips. They were always insults, carelessly strewn together in a sentence. He had never heard her say his name… till now. The way she had just said it made him feel she was trying to convey something which could only have been carried through by whispering his name in such a warm tone. And he loved the way it sounded. He wanted to hear it again; he had to hear it again.

 And slowly as if it a trance, he felt the strong surge of elation taking him in completely. Drowning him till his touch grew softer and this wild meaningless lust in him began to fade…

It took him a few seconds to reply, and to his surprised, his voice quivered, “Yeah?”

And then she went closer to him, resting her forehead against his, breathing three words that changed everything he knew from that point on…

“I Trust You”

And with that she passed out, still holding on to him like she was never going to let go.




The next morning, bright sunlight falls through open windows and onto a girls frame. Through the light Aria wakes up in her own bed and notices her room mate staring at her. “Cassie!” she jumps in surprise, “What the hell is wrong with you?”  She asked, slightly annoyed.

“You will never believe who brought you home last night” she said, almost giddy with excitement. “Who?” Aria asked dismissively, her head was killing her. “Channing Tatum?”

What happened last night anyway? All she could remember were those stupid maroon bar stools and tiny little empty glasses on the counter. People around her were jeering louder and louder, and wild thumping music fading into a few hazy pictures.

“Even better!” her room mate grinned, “Adam Mayfair, that’s who”

Suddenly Aria felt her world slip beneath her “Adam….” Her eyes grew wide in shock… “Mayfair?”

“Aria?” Cassie called out to her limp friend “Aria, are you okay?”

“Yeah,” she lied; “I’m fine” she fell back in bed and suddenly her head ache did not matter anymore. Nothing mattered anymore. She spend the night with Adam Mayfair, nothing could matter anymore.

Cassie oblivious to her reaction exited the room to get her something for her hangover. When she left Aria curled to her side, and felt fear seeking refuge. “This can’t be happening” she said to herself, her fists tightly clenched the sheets beneath her while tears began forming in the corner of her eyes. Her heart beating louder and louder till it drummed in her ears.

Adam was the guy who does anything to lure girls to bed with him. She checked her clothes and they were still intact. Nothing felt missing but who was she joking? He was the Adam Mayfair, he could have done something, anything, to her last night. And make it seem alright later in the morning, like it never happened. 

She began cursing herself, hitting the bed as hard as she could. How could she be so foolish? How could she let him get near her? Why did she drink so much? Why can’t she remember anything?

All these thought flew around her head as angry tears were waiting to be shed. She flipped over trying to bury her face from the world. Shame, humiliation, despair riding down on her and there was nothing she could do about it. She knew he hated her; she was so sure he would be plotting something against her. Finally, Adam won. He got what he wanted and there was nothing she could do. She felt helpless and weak. Something she swore she’d never let herself feel.

She snatched the pillow and pulled it against her when something sharp pricked her arm. It was the edge of a piece of paper. When she pulled it out and opened it, her tears overflowed and she began to silently cry. The only thing out of place was her small smile.

In Adam’s stubborn illegible handwriting, the piece of paper read out…

“I trust you too”


© 2011 WriterMe

Author's Note

Again, a genre i am not very comfortable with but I did try my best. If you find any sentences which sound awkward in terms of love and romance please do let me know.
I would love to know how you feel after reading this.
Thank you =]


Good story. I like the momentum it builds up. There are a lot of different ways the story could go, and I like how it ended. Good suspense throughout the story, with characters that everyone could relate to.
If you are looking for some constructive criticism, I would suggest three things. First, I would take a look at some of the transitions between the actions. Second, there are a couple areas where you have unnecessary extra words. If you read it out loud, I think you could pick them up. Lastly, the scene where they first make contact was a bit rushed and the flow is a bit hard to follow. I think you stretch it out a bit with extra details.

Overall, great job!

Posted 8 Years Ago

LOVED it Loved Everything about it SO BEAUTIFUL :)

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

Wow... to be honest, if I get caught up in a story I lose all track of the details; grammar and such. That's exactly what happened. This is my first read of your work, so I don't know what your 'usual' genre is, but I would like to see more of this from you. It was really nice to see one with a positive character aspect to it. It seems too often people tend to focus on the negative. Very good reading.

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

Really a decent write. Your prose fits the genre well. This is not overly sappy or anything. Nice premise:)

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

I FREAKIN LOVED IT!!! Beautiful emotion and imagery and it had great pacing! the characters were believable!
This is going to my favorites!

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

An honest story which addresses the teenagers of today, how they act and react. But most of all, why they do. Aside from the inconsistency of tenses and the slightly rough conversation of characters, it was an amazing piece that made me smile when I reached the end. The finality and meaning of the story simply touched me. As they say, reformed rakes love more. It was worth the time it took me to read, rooted in the reality of this day's generation.

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

Oh my god! That was amazing and so sweet! You did a great job considering the fact that you're new to this topic. Just one small change would be required- you keep changing tenses. But otherwise, this was a great story! :)

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

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