Just like children

Just like children

A Story by WriterMe

The mind of a child is the most fascinating thing. But what is more wonderful is what you can learn from them


It’s funny how a child’s mind works. And often it seems fascinating. From what I have observed and come to believe, they never succumb to the defeat of any situation they face.

If a child was lonely, he wouldn’t brood and cry over the fact that he has no one to play with. He would merely conjure up an imaginary friend, an instant companion and an instant solution.

Simple, isn’t it?

They never seem to be burdened down by the pressure of any negative emotion. If its anger, they will lash it out on inanimate objects; the most popular display of temper tantrums would be a kid with his stomach to the floor, and his small fists hitting it with all its tiny pallor. If they were sad, they would curl their lips into a pout and cry. And they wouldn’t stop till they feel better.

You see? They learn to let it out of their systems in the most harmless (and sometimes the most adorable) way possible.

Now why can’t we do that?

We adults claim to be so much ‘smarter’, ‘wiser’, and mature than what they seem to be. And yet we face a hundred more problems than children do. Now if we are gifted with knowledge then why is it that we find life so much harder?

And more often than not, we fail to see, experience and feel the very same things that can make us so much happier.

But then again we argue. No, we have duties, roles and responsibilities. We have jobs, classes, work and much more serious things. We can’t act and dance around like little children. We earn, we face tough situations, and prancing about it most definitely not how the world wishes to see us. We are stern, we see sense in things. We are now much more important than we were as children.

I don’t think so.

Parents considered children the core of their lives. If that is not the most important thing, I don’t know what it. As adults we may have much more reasonably difficult phases to take on, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t still be carefree.

No one says you need to be whine, talk and throw a hissy fit like children, what you need to do is to learn the more positive aspects from them.

You need to learn how to always believe there is a much brighter side to things, unless proven otherwise.

You need to learn how to laugh out loud like they do. Express emotions like how you feel them, real and heartily.

You need to learn how to sing the happiest tune you know, just like children do while they walk or go about doing things. And if they don’t know the words, they don’t care! They’ll make them up as they go along. They don’t let the fear of sounding incomprehensible stop them from enjoying music their heart wishes to listens to.

You need to learn to find happiness in the smallest of things, find the things you love to do and do them with all your heart. While singing a tune whose words you don’t know to, of course.

No one argues adults have much more to accomplish in life, so much more problems they don’t call upon themselves and definitely more adversities than one could bear.

But don’t forget that sometimes when you’re stuck amidst the seriousness of this cruel part of growing up, there is a small child inside you that wishes to be reconnected with.

And sometimes, just sometimes, try and touch the hand of that little kid. Even thought you have learned a lot from the life and world around you, you often forget that you have the most to learn from the child you buried deep within.

A much smaller you.

A much smaller, happier you, singing the tune you randomly composed, smiling a toothless grin like you had the most perfect set of teeth in the world.

Sometimes there is no harm in being just like children.


© 2012 WriterMe

Author's Note

So... this may be a little bit of a drabble. I cant really place my head around things and I was starved of my writing dose. So I did some.
I would love to know what you think =]

The source of inspiration for this piece is a 10 year brat in my house, who will most definitively be the only boy I will ever share my cookies with.
Thank you for reading =]

p.s. I dont like sharing cookies, so its a big deal alright? =3

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it is ok I steal cookies lol. all in all I found your piece touching and reflecting up on our son. It is true on how they never give up.

your piece was indeed refreshing. I really can not find much to pick a apart.
I related to the story well as we have a 1 year old lol.

Posted 8 Years Ago

This is really good! It really makes you think about children and how they affect everything around us. Very good.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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