How do we get to happy?

How do we get to happy?

A Story by WritersBlock21

   Remember when you were little  and imagined what your life would be? Remember dreaming of a house with a freshly mowed lawn, a happy home with no misfortune. What a wonderful imagination we all have. When you're little they don't tell you, sure they try to prepare you, but they don't tell you " Hey, this, this is going to be hard." It's difficult to survive in this twisted world.
Bills, relationships, work...mental and physical health. What a pretty web of pictures we weave of what life could be. But that's just it. A pretty picture, a still frame shot. A MOMENT.   
  They don't tell you how many times you have to pick yourself back up. How many days you clench your jaw, bite your tongue and swallow your humanity to just make it through another Goddamned day. Try again, that's all we can do. Try again to survive, to do better, to be happy. Try again all just to FAIL.
   Maybe that's what life is. Failure. A merry go round of attempts just to get off this ride called existence. I wish I knew when this ride would let me off. Let me win just this once. Let me have what I have been trying to get to my whole life. That's not how the carousel works. Life pushes you down, gives you nonexistent rules that you actually follow. Makes up lies about what you can and cannot do. So how the hell are we supposed to succeed when our entire life is set up for failure?

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This is well written, and I can relate to feeling this way, however, I do not agree.

Posted 2 Years Ago

This is wonderful, relatable, and just beautifully written! The name is perfect the last line is gorgeous and such an awesome metaphor. A dark subject and dark thoughts many are afraid to delve into, but not you! And not only were you not afraid, but you also wrote it with passion and heart. It's clear to see. 'How do we get too happy' is a scary question we all need to ask ourselves but you put it out here head-on, facing the endless question? Really, though. How do we get to happy? You're so absolutely right that they try to prepare you, but never tell you because they're scared. We're all scared and maybe the way to happiness is facing the uncomfortable questions head-on, just like you did with this wonderful poem.

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Added on March 28, 2021
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