Fly, Little Bird

Fly, Little Bird

A Poem by Allie

This is something that came to my mind while visiting Ottawa, Canada. It's not very good ... but that's okay. I thought I'd put it up anyway.


Fly, little bird, with wings of silver and a heart of gold,

Drifting among the pain in the depths of the human mind.


Hold fast, little bird, for the world is a precarious place,

Full of danger that one so old might still find difficult to understand.


Be strong, little bird, as mighty winds come to carry you away,

Driven by the valour and strength of the world.


Be brave, little bird, as unforeseen mysteries lurk ahead,

Hidden within the darkness of our minds.


Be courageous, little bird, as there are merciless creatures about,

Waiting to strike as the dark overcomes the senses.


Be open, little bird, for nothing in the world can bring you down quicker

Than unspoken fear, caught within the silence of the heart.


But most of all, little bird, be wise.


You are the mystery that unknowingly dwells in every living creature;

Never seen but always there.


You allow us to question and adapt to our lives,

Being aware and feeling your triumph.


You are identical; everything you feel, we feel,

While all we go through you experience ten-fold.


You carry the weight of our burdens, the valour of our victories,

And the defeat of our emotions.


Support me; I cannot live with you or without you,

As you bring unbearable pain and inexpressible joy, all in the same moment.


Be with me, and never stray further than my mind can reach;

For you, little bird, are the human soul.

© 2009 Allie

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It's amazing how things that surround us can influence us one way or another. The way you depicted this bird, really gave one a sense of "free-ness". If that's a word... Lol. In other words... you gave this that feel of soaring... reaching out to things that can't normally be felt or touched, all through the wings of a little bird.

This was a great read.


Posted 12 Years Ago

I love this poem. The way that you went from speaking to the "little birdy" with words of advice and then moved on to its importance in life was wonderful. I enjoyed the two-line form and the fact that the advised future wisdom was stressed by being part of a single line.

As I read the poem, I was reminded of the idea of Rachel Carson's Silent Spring and the ecology of the world. The fact that it ended with the "little birdy" being the human soul only underlined that feeling to me. It reminded me of just how connected everything is, and what is needed to live in this life where everything is one but challenges are still posed. Just my interpretation there. Love the fact that with poetry, everything can be taken in ways that are unique to each reader.

Fabulous job! Congrats with the contest.

Posted 12 Years Ago

wow, absolutely amazing

Posted 12 Years Ago

Wow. I don't think there are any words to say how good that was. It didn't follow the normal ryming scheme (I know I spelt that wrong...) IT was good. Man I can't wait to see your stories when they come out.;)

Posted 12 Years Ago

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My computer is broken, so I will not be able to get on very often for a while. AH! I hate this, but oh well :) Hehe. As long as I have it before the next school year starts, I'm good. more..

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