Always Seeking

Always Seeking

A Story by Hannah Jocks

Always thinking, wondering when someone is going to come along and sweep me off my feet and marry me. Love me to no end. A man of loyalty and honesty. I have always been hurt and confused. But always trust worthy and never hid from men.

 I knew it would happen one day. And on that one day my life would change and turn into a beautiful dream. But, never did I ever think that an angel would come down and carry me away. Away to a land of happiness, joy, extraordinary gifts.

It was the year everything went down all because of the mistaken man. I was desperate and scared. Had been waiting so long for the perfect man and turned every man I saw into a masterpiece. He could look old and be an alcoholic and I would look at him as a young, sober saint. He could be a homeless junky and I would turn him into a rich, sexy businessman. Every terrible man that would accept me, I would accept him. That’s when I met a scam man. Beautiful, but rude with an attitude of “I don’t care.” I knew his dark secret, I knew what he was capable of, yet I allowed him into my wonderful life.

At the time I had a nice home, good job and amazing health. And when that man, who I thought I loved and loved me back, turned out to be the disaster that ruined my ok life. He laughed with me and made me feel loved. We did everything together. Then, that one night came. He took everything. My money, my household items, and my health. After he invaded my home he released a dangerous gas. I passed out. When the gas wore off and I awoke I only went to the doctors once to find out that I had cancer.

After, I never went back. I just walked away from that life and am now homeless still looking for love. Love from anyone. It was one night. A dark, cold night that changed this life forever and guided me towards true love.

I was walking on a wet, stranded road looking for a convenient store to steel food. When I finally stumbled upon one I began to cross the slick road and BAM! A car rammed into me. But, I felt no pain. Just tired and dizzy. I saw a bright, beautiful woman with wings expanded. She was huge, about 100x bigger and taller than me, and her smile was wide. Her hand was held out to me. I grinned with pleasure as I grabbed her hand. She guided me through a bright path where we met a man. A man who made you want to bow to him because of his power. A man who made me feel comfort. Then I hear a loud, beautiful, chimed voice echo “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths.”

I feel my heart ache with a fluff feeling like no other as the man glares at me. He then takes my hand and warmth fills my cold body, which I didn’t realize was cold till now.

Around me I see a bright, beautiful land that I am unable to describe. It is beyond perfect. I feel no need for love. I feel no need to have a man who loves me because I know that I am loved. The man that stands before me is God. The one and only. I know him. I know him. I never have praised him or learned about him. But, he is showing me his ways. He is providing me with everlasting love. And now, I understand his purpose. I understand his ways. I understand Him and I understand love.

I don’t need a man. I need the Lord my God. He has and always will be there for me. My heart is at a steady beat and soft. I close my eyes to absorb his love and to give love back. I pray, I talk to him, which was something I had never done before. I pray with strong, everlasting belief. God is my shepard and I shall not want. I shall not want love. I pray, and pray. I am praising the lord.

And now, I am finally and truly at peace.



© 2012 Hannah Jocks

Author's Note

Hannah Jocks
This was a quick story. I will revise and edit it soon so can you tell me about any grammar mistakes?

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so beautiful, emotional and spiritual .

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Hannah Jocks

8 Years Ago

Thanks so much(:

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Hannah Jocks
Hannah Jocks


K, My name is Hannah I'm 14 and I love to write mostly stories, books, and scripts but I am working on getting better with poetry. My favorite genres are Mystery, thriller, adventure and I LOVE twi.. more..

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