Mistress Holy

Mistress Holy

A Poem by Wunderlich

This is inspired by many things, one of which is Scientology.


The mother f****r dressed from inflated head to sculpted toe

Sitting in his office with his feet up on the backs of
All the poor b******s whom he lied to and brainwashed
Their minds full of bullshit and their wallets full of dust
He leans back with his hands full of their sweat-drenched money
And he rolls up a fatty of a crisp, green twenty
Leaning forward with the bill wrapped tightly in his mouth
He puts the edge against a flame and takes a greedy puff
All the while the brainwashed remain calm with a smile
Naked, beaten, and freezing they long for that fire
But they keep their hands to their blistered sides
Knowing not of what will become of them if they continue this life
Mistress Holy
Keeper of our soul
Prophet of our money
Killer black hole
Fiction of fantasy and alien science that is
Written like philosophy, inspired by desire
For the understanding of this world around us
For the money and the things that we can't afford
It's ridiculous how fast this bullshit spreads
Quicker than a wild fire in a desert-dry forest
That is planted atop a field of flammable waste
That consists of the yearning for a primal comprehension
And the pining of a life that awaits us after this
The mother f****r stands up, hungrily groping their money
A shepherd dressed in all white to lead his sheep to the next life
And he passes out plastic red cups full of wine and poison
That slides down the cracked throats of his mindless junkies and
The captain of this ship that's built to do nothing but sink
Will sit back in his seat watching his crew slip into sleep
Their transparent minds swimming in an ocean of hope and fantasy
Much like their bodies that soon will be submerged and drowning
Prison to the people
Pandemic to the poor
Mother to the altricial
Greedy green w***e

© 2009 Wunderlich

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amazing poem! The way you used your worrds to paint the scenery and get the message. Brainwashed...haha. Liked this one alot =]


Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on December 7, 2008
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