A Story by WyckedDreams

only a few pages from an up coming story Im working on..Enjoy


 Written by Linda Banzhoff

Chapter One

         The fifth funeral this year for the fifth person I didnt know.Another stranger I had to watch be put into the ground.
I focused my eyes on the casket, watching it being lowered into the ground and wondered as I have four times before, why me.This was one of the nicer funerals I have ever been to, I thought coldy to myself.The family really forked over the money, The casket was a gleaming white, gold trimmed worm trap.I realized, as the thoughts escaped me how distant I have become to people's suffering.Then again, being immortal and cursed tended to do that to a girl.The flowers that surrounded the sight, and everyone in it were beautiful and destined to wither under the sun.All to pay tribute to a dead woman who happened to have touched me, only  aweek ago.I know I sounded like a b***h, but it was the only way, otherwise I would have gone crazy long ago.This poor woman's name was Kelly, other then that, I knew nothing else about her.Gods how unfare it was, she meerly brushed into me, a mistake she appologized for with a smile.My name is Peril and thats what I bring to those dumb enough to touch my flesh.
    I sighed saddly as the last words from the preacher were uttered and the woman finally laid to rest.The coldness of the day, a typical mid November morning, seemed to seep into my arms as I wrapped them around myself.Noone looked my way as row after row of her family stalked stiffly from the sight.Lingering, I whispered my regrets, the least I could do, to the woman I would never get the chance to bump into again.I went to every funeral, to see every person laid to rest , that had been unlucky enough to come my way.It was the least I could do considering the curse, to pay my respects to them.I walked slowly from my perch, located just feet from the now covered coffin and wound my way out of the old cemetary.The bustling streets beyond the gate seemed in differnt to the saddness of the family who had just left, yet I felt neither saddness nor regret, which always seemed to disappear shortly after the last of the dirt was thrown over the casket.
   I had learned centuries ago to release the hurt with the dirt, otherwise it would haunt my sleep and every waking moment of my lonely and retched existence.I carefully found my way to the center of town, where the doors to my private club, Misfortune, lay open to the morning breeze.
   I guess by now your wondering what this curse was all about, and how, a poor farmer's daughter could have wrought the hatred and anger of the gods upon her shoulders.Well I would like to say right now, just for the record, it was not my fault.If I had known, keeping myself from marrying a god of war would make him seek vengeance on me, I would have agreed to marry the grouch, dispite my unhappiness.But no...I had the shortsightedness of the human race, the lacked of cunning I posses now and an anger that rivaled the gods.I guess hitting him with the vase didn't help either, but oh well.
    Now to the specifics of my damndable curse.I was made immortal, which I truly don't mind, but his gift was two faced.The immortality was so that my suffering would be unending.The second part of the curse, and the reason I had to watch strangers being buried, was that any fool or innocent by standered, unfortunate enough to touch my flesh faced great peril in their lives.Usually ending in death, or insanity.Those people, I rarely visited anymore, but sent gifts too.I couldn't stand the look in their eyes, knowing it was put there by me.It was easier for me to see them dead and gone, then to know they suffered like that.Other then that..I dont know much about it, like the vital stuff, which would end my suffering and allow me to once again know the feel of human contact without worrying.
    My club lay empty as I entered the doors, soft music played from the sound system installed at the rear of the building, next to the dance floor.Though vast in size, it was smaller then most clubs in town.The opening hours of my club usually ran from 9 pm till dawn.My clientel were usually all manner of creatures, from your average human, to the night stalking vampire.Sometimes I would get some of our furry friends in the club, but they tended to fight with the vamps.Tonight I was having Ladies night, every thrusday, ladies who came to the club before 10 usually got in free, and until the bar closed, which was around 2, they would get their drinks half off.Now your wondering how I, who could never be touched, could run a club and thrive well.Well, it's called an owner's box.I usually spent the busier parts of the night, hiding away upstairs, counting money or dealing with my employees.They knew the rules, no touching me, some of them even knew why.I called it my ten foot rule.A safety zone, not just for myself, but for them also.
      As I made my way silently up the stairs, a ghostly whisper echoed into my ear, did I forget to mention my dead sister?? She watches over me, keeping me from doing anything truly stupid, like running a magical or mistical blade through a certain god's back.He still visits from time to time, checking in to see if I had changed my mind yet.Again for the record, his last visit ended with another glass vase up ended on his head.Hey, Im getting my anger problem under control.Fury, thats my sister's name, was once again lecturing me on the importance of not going out to the mall, when the stores were bustling with people.
How was I supposed to know when the stores were packed, especially if I listened to her and kept myself locked away all the time.With her nagging in my ear, I opened the door to my office, finding my morning bouncer and good friend, Johnathan, sitting idiely at my desk.Most likely playing Solitare on my computer again, or worse yet, WoW.For those of you who dont know, that would be World of Warcraft. A dispicable game created to cause unemployment and divorce.I sighed loudly, slamming my door, fixing my face with a faux scowl.He quickly reacted, closing down the computer and nearly breaking his foot getting out of the chair."Ohh , hey hey Peril.The freezer is stocked, the floors swept and the glass from last night's bar fight is cleaned up in the back.We should really ban those damned creatures from this bar, Especially Devon's crew.You know how much he hates the vamps who have moved into his territory.Damned Were wolves and their Territorial issues.I say we neuture the lot and get leashes." I just glared at him, forcing the smile, that threatened to break my charade, back into it's hiding place. " So, what your telling me is that your done your work and have nothing better to do then insult the wolf population and play games on my computer?" My eye brow turned up slightly, increasing my look of irritation.It was always fun to watch him skirm, shuffling from foot to foot.He may have been my closest friend, but he knew what I was and always seemed a little afraid of me.I sighed loudly and dropped my arms to my side. "Fine, if your finished, you can go home.But, I may need you tonight, so be back here by the time we open.Im interviewing a new bouncer, a demon new to town, and I seriously hate doing those without another human in the room.They always make me feel like they would either like to see me naked, or wondered what sauce I would taste best with." He chocked back a laugh and cleared his throat "Well to clarify this, you are aweful good looking, and if Im not mistaken, a virgin to boot.Thats a tatsey meal to anyone." he did a double hop back wards as I swung to smack his chest.He grabbed his jacket quickly and exited the room before I could trap him in his corner.Laughing to myself, the earlier mood erased by his banter, I sat in the chair and waited to make the call I dreaded.He always seemed to think I would actually touch him someday, which, just to clear up the air, I never would.I'm not that cruel.I only throw things and hit gods who piss me off, most humans are safe from me...most anyways.
          I picked up the reciever, taking a deep breath, this was going to hurt.I hated having to make these calls, especially to the Demons, they laughed at the stupidest things, like your fear, your courage and especially guns pointed at their heads.they were incorgiableAnd this one, so i heard, he took the cake.Egotistic, gorgeous and utterly Annoying with his...Im mightier then humans syndrome.Sad thing is, he used to be one, a bad one who just happened to die doing a very bad thing and became a Demon for his actions.Now you might be wondering, why Im hiring a Demon as my bouncer, Answer, Nothing fights back when a Demon grabs you, everything under the sun, moon and even other Demons, Fear human made Demons.Hell even I do and I..I fear nothing, besides maybe unrelenting gods who cursed me because I told him no about marrying him.Which reminded me, i have to pick up more vases.
     I dialed the number I had scribbled on the back of my hand, I need to buy paper or post its.The phone rang for exactly three rings before I heard his silky sweet voice over the line."evening Peril, so glad you called.I knew you could not resist hiring me" Deep breath and a roll of my eyes, Like i said, incoragible."Yes I am calling about the job, Evening and weekends, with one day off a week.You will get paid hourly, and if you are good enough, some tips from the bar also."  A sweet silky laughter followed my words, like satin over my skin."I am good at everything my dear"
Sighing loud enough to be heard across the line I replied bitterly."I am not your dear, do you want the job or not?"
That laughter once more, which was starting to annoy me"Of course, I'll start this evening" Rolling my eyes for a final time I smiled a little "Now, there are rules of the house you must abide by, for your safety as well as everyone elses.No touching of the boss, no Flirting with the other employees or the boss.No Sexual comments or suggestions about the boss." He snickered softly, "How about the recruiting of souls???" I caught my breath for a moment, not expecting that one."Ummm..No, My bar is open to ANYONE, which means at any given moment we can have humans, were creatures and vampires.And the occasional Faerie from the Fey Wilds.We tend to leave them alone, nasty attitudes if they get annoyed.And you are not here for your gaines, you are here for mine.Do you agree to follow these rules?" I heard him hum slightly to him self, then he whispered "Yes, I agree".sighing and clearing my throat I said"Good, I can expect you here tonight, in an hour."With that, I hung up the phone, im not big on goodbyes.They tended to go on and on, which then turns into more conversation. Boring. I think I should work on my Social skills a bit, even to me I seemed a little jaded and cold.
         With a deep breath I turned on my computer , checking the weekly Accounts and statements.Running a bar was  a hard job, but I enjoyed this part of it.I scrolled through the check list for the Freezer, and decided to go investigate John's stocking job.

         Chapter Two: Damian

         Damian hung up the phone, smiling to himself as her words drifted through his mind.Soon he would have her within his grasp, not literally, for he knew all too well the curse that lingered around her.Peril was an odd commodity he just had to have under his sway, the power she unknowingly weilded was what he needed to succure his power base here on Earth.The power was an awesome thing, but he still could not understand how a mere mortal could be so beautiful as to warrant the attention of a god.Or for that matter gain a curse as nasty as the one she had.He could only imagine what she must have said or done to deserve it.He smiled to himself as his plans began to lay themselves out before him.By sunrise tomorrow she would be under his charms, which he had plenty of.He was after all a Sexual being, having given up his human soul for the luster of the Incubis world.He could almost taste her sweet passions now and he shivered with anticipation.He stood slowly from his chair, reaching for the silver gilded cane he carried and, grabbing his black leather duster, strode towards the door.His mood had improved since his conversation with peril and he decided to grab a bite before arriving to see her.There was a lonely lovely housewife more then willing to accomodate his driving hunger.With a devious smile and a wicked glint to his deep jade colored eyes he locked up his house and walked down the street.As he ventured a block or so towards young Sara Jane's house he came to realize that one more feeding from this young morsel would more then likely kill her or drive her completely mad.Either one didnt bother him, but it almost seemed a shame to waste such a convient meal so easily accessable.Not willing to give anymore effort then nessesary tonight, he decided her sacrifice was worth it and strolled right up to her front door.As he rang the bell he smiled inwardly.Her husband, John, was a construstion worker who still thought, after months of him visisting, that he was just a paper delivery boy.John only had himself to blame for what happened, if he had not neglected his sweet Sara, and she was indeed sweet.Then Sara would never have called out to Damian in the dream realm and he would have never came to her.Saddly she really did love John, in some odd , self depreciating sort of way.He was over bearing, jealous, controling and abusive, but she loved him none the less.
          Damain stirred from his thoughts as the door slowly opened and a startled Sara peeked out from the shadows of her long hair.She smiled weakily at him, trying to hide her face from his scrutiny.He smiled back warmily, putting the heat of desire into his eyes.As she pulled him towards her, her hands slipping across his back, he saw the brusies along her left eye and jaw.With a angry jesture he thrust closed the door.after he was finished with Sara, he was going to settle up with John.He was a demon, sure, but even he had standards.Sara was too much an innocent to be treated as roughly as John treated her.She would have been a strong creature had he not beat her into submission.Wasted power was not something to be overlooked.He gathered her into his embrace, taking the time to memroize every apect of her.She stood half a foot shorter then him, which made her about 5'8.Her long ivory white hair hung like a satin curtain across her shoulders and down her back.Eyes of a captivation blue sparkled with an inner mischiouvness.In anther time her build would have been consider amazon, but in this day and age she was just fit.Her tight, not overly large breasts pressed into him as she raised herself up to kiss him with ruby colored lips that felt like warm velvet upon his mouth.He might have considered her as a consort or at the very least, a concubine, before John had gotten to her.Again, the waste of her was almost something to cry over.Almost.As he began to work his chamrs on her, feeding from her life force and feeling it slip away, he realized with an almost human start that he was going to miss her.As her body drifted in the throws of her passion, as her spirit weakened it's grasp on her body, he saddly realized just how weak she had become.He was going to kill poor Sara and then, when he drank her dry, he was going to enjoy torturing John.
        after he gently laid Sara's prone form upon the second landing of the stairs, snapping her slender neck to create the illusion of a fall, he sat down at the kitchen table to await John.Grabbing the news paper from the counter he found his eyes drifting to her body, he was startled to find himself truly upset by her death, which , for the record was completely impossible.No demon could feel pity or remorse, they were weak human emotions that were taken away at the moment of the transformation.He shook himself from his moodiness and decided that the regret he felt must have been her's, the last reminenense of emotions before her soul fled her body.
Turning the paper over he flipped to the obituaries.Smiling to himself , as he imagined what this families Obituaries would read, he spotted the one obituary he was looking for.It seemed that Peril had struck again.A young woman, Kelly by the name given, had inadvertantly stumbled upon Peril in a shopping center.Touching her for only a few seconds.Dead a full week later by what the coroner could only describe as an obseen accident.It had appeared that Kelly had somehow managed to not only trip and fall from an 8 story balcony but also decapitate herself on the iron fire escape and get ran over by a street sweeper.The coronor could not identify one cause of death so he didnt even try.Damian wondered briefly to himself if Peril made it habit of going to the funerals and if so, he wondered how jaded she had become.His mood light once more, his hunger quenched, he decided to post pone John's death, and just ruin his life.As the front door opened wide and John's booming voice echoed into the house, Damian rose, calling to his mind his power of persuasian.Shifting into his spirit form, like a shadow upon the wall, he slowly made his way behind John.John stood almost 6 feet in height and weighed easily 280 lbs.Most of which was still formidable muscle with some bunching around the middle.His all to short, bright red hair stood out in stark relief to his overtly pale complexion, made paler by his discovery of his young wife dead upon the stair.Drifting close to John's ear Damian whispered in his sing song voice"Look what you have may not have pushed her yourself Johnny boy, but...the cops and coroner will see the brusies and assume.A big brute like yourself, why they wouldnt give it a second thought.And such a pity too, there are such bigger men then you in prison.Johhny boy, I suggest you call the cops yourself, turn yourself in.Thats the only hope you have of not getting a needle driven into your veins."Damian stood back for a moment as he watched John war with the commands.He knew the moment John lost the battle when his eyes glazed over and he reached for the cordless phone by the stairs.Damian left the house with the doors wide open, knowing in an odd sort of way that justice was done here. Damian gave the house one more final look and then began the walk to Peril's nightclub, with a smile on his face. Yes this was going to be a good week.

       I made my way back to my office intending to call John and let him know that he was coming back in tonight and tommorrow. His attempt at stocking the freezer was pitful, Honestly it was hard to get good help these days. I had just picked up the phone when there was a knock on the door. Replacing the phone I gazed at the clock, 9  oclock ,it was still a bit early for the demon. " Who is it? " I softly called out and turned the computer on at the same time. " I am early my dear." His almost sing song voice trailed through the door and ran over my skin like a touch; It felt... Good. I hadn't been touched in....longer then I cared to remember. Forcing myself back under control I yelled out swiftly " Enter". I watched the door slowly open and a beauty that could not possibly be real walked into the room. A slow smile spead across his face and his jade green eyes almost glowed. " You are early... and I am busy ; so lets get this over with " I said with a huff in my voice, there was no way on this plane or the next that I would let him know I found him attractive. His Midnight colored hair glowed with health and softness. Those jade colored eyes were made for losing oneself in. The lips that graced his face looked pillow soft yet firm at the same time. They softened the overall look of his face. He had a square jaw but with a slight dimple that faded the harshness. His cheeks were lean and strong with high cheek bones that went well with his aristrocate nose. He was classic old school beauty in the face, but past that was all warrior. Even fully clothed as he was in his white button down shrit and business cut black pants, you could see the strength. Almost see the muscle groupings. He screamed MALE. He was one of those men that was easy to picture naked, and despite my every attempt I couldnt stop myself. God in my head he was fabulous, he couldnt be that perfect, it just wasnt fare. " AHH why so unhappy Peril love?." He said in that touching voice again and I had to force down a shiver. " I am not unhappy I am busy but if you keep playing with me I will become unhappy and that would be bad for you.... now sit DOWN "The tone of my voice gave no room for arguments and he sat across from me, crossing his legs at the ankles and leaning down to slouch sensouly in his seat.His hands cupped gracefully in his lap and he tilted his head slightly, in a cat watching a canary sort of way.Clearing my throat I pulled out some forms."I need these filled out, some are just tax papers, the usual thing for working, one of them is a health form and the other is a contract.I need identification and of course I do do drug screenings.After you have filled out the paperwork we will discuss your hourly wages, tips are split 50 50 with the other employees at the end of the night.I expect my employees to always be on time or call me if they intend to be late."I handed him the forms and sat back, watching his hands toy with the papers while his eyes strayed across my body.

           Damian watched the woman before him, his eyes taking in every graceful and exotic movement she made.He was struck with her reserved beauty.At 5'7 she was lean and exquisitely built, almost amazon strong.Her long dark hair fell in a curling mass of satin down her back.Eyes the color of polished emerald stared intelligently out of the face of an angel.Her cupid red lips pouted slightly as she watched him watch her.Long tapered fingers played with the keys on the key board.He could see now why a god would take the time to notice such a beauty.For a moment he was taken with the idea of touching her, to feel those soft lips pressed against his.He could almost taste her, hot against his mouth as he devoured her from the outside in.He closed his eyes and breathed deeply, allowing the sweet scent of lavander, rose and sandlewood to fill his head.Beneath it all there was a crisp scent of the oudoors, almost heady it nearly drove him to the brink.He reopened his eyes and smiled slightly.She was pure temptation and he knew he would have to tread carefully when dealing with her, lest he become a victom of her curse and ruin his carefully laid plans.He turned his attention to the papers in his hand, frowning slightly as the normallacy of the act brought him out of his fantasy.He felt her cool gaze on him, a little more then keen interest lay beneath that gaze.He could smell her arousal mixing with her already intoxicating smell and he nearly moaned aloud at the stirring of sexual interest it brought upon him.For a moment he was tempted to just leave, remove this creature from his sight, so that he may think clearly, but he pushed the thought away quickly.He began scribbling upon the papers, trying to distract his mind from the creature before him.Moments passed by with just the sound of pen on paper.Finished he handed her the paperwork, careful to remove his hands a moment before they touched her's.She carefully read what he wrote, double checking the information before stuffing the papers into a large tan envelope.She slowly brought her eyes to meet his gaze and smiled slightly, just for a moment before regaining her composure.Clearing her throat she pulled out a tablet and a pen.Writing down a quick list, she handed him the days and times he would work.Almost all week, starting from open, until close.He nodded his head in acknowledgement and stuffed the paper into his pocket.Next she typed on the keyboard for a moment, then indicated for him to type in his name, social security number.When he was finished she fished out a set of keys from the drawer to her left and handed them to him.All this while silently watching him.His smile seemed to waver as she remained quiet a moment longer, then arched her slender eyebrow.Seeming to have reached a silent descision she nodded almost to herself."If you are able, since your early, I could use some help on the floor and stocking the freezers for tonight.We open in an hour and I need the cases unloaded from the loading bay and the bottles stocked behind the bar." He took a moment to meet her gaze then just nodded his head.

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