Munto 2: Beyond the Walls of Time Anime Movie Review

Munto 2: Beyond the Walls of Time Anime Movie Review

A Story by Carrie Ott

A spoiler-free review of the Munto sequel. I simply critique the plot, characters, etc. A CHRISTIAN EVALUATION is included at the end for some viewers and as a parental guide.


Munto 2: Beyond the Walls of Time


A spoiler-free review of the anime movie sequel


Title: Munto 2: Beyond the Walls of Time

Alternate Title: Munto II: Toki no Kabe wo Koete

Genre: Fantasy/Magic

Episodes: 1 (movie)

Running Time: Approx. 60 minutes


Note: Since this is a sequel, certain elements such as animation and

characters will generally be the same. I have simply

put a note asking you to reference my previous

review if you’d like to read critiques on these repeated things.


Synopsis: Ever since her fateful encounter with Munto almost two years ago, Yumemi  has never been able to take her eyes off the sky. In her heart, she can feel that something is about to happen, and she waits impatiently for Munto’s return. After months and months of waiting, he never appears.

            Yumemi’s friends Ichiko and Suzume are tired of Yumemi’s endless daydreaming. They try desperately to bring her mind back to their world, reminding her that this is where she belongs. When Yumemi fails to mend her ways, however, Ichiko loses her patience. She angrily tells Yumemi that nothing is going to happen, so she can’t live in a fantasy world for the rest of her life. Munto, the floating islands, Akuto…it’s all in the past, nothing more.

            In the meantime, lord Munto has been dealing with the repercussions of having the Akuto returned to the heavens. What alliance that once existed between the nations of heaven has been completely dissolved. It’s not that the feuding lords are vying for the Akuto’s power " rather, they are afraid of it. The unrest has caused great wars to erupt all over the heavens. Munto knows that Yumemi will be the key to controlling the Akuto, but he too is afraid and his resolve to act is weak. He will not pursue Yumemi. Seizing this weakness, another of heaven’s lords seeks Yumemi, this time with a goal far more sinister than “seeking the pristine future.”

            This time, it seems, it’s Munto’s turn to trust Yumemi. But can he bring himself to trust her and risk the fate of the entire heavenly realm? And can Yumemi, after seeing the fearful things she will face should she so choose, willingly help the lord who fears the very power that he was so desperate to achieve?


Plot: Like the original Munto, this movie’s plot is standard but powerfully executed. If you’re watching Munto 2, I’m guessing you’ve watched the first one - as you can see, the plotline has a way of being kind of chaotic at times. Despite it’s apparent simplicity, I thoroughly enjoy Munto. While less actually happens in this film in terms of action or intense circumstances, Munto 2 sets the stage for the upcoming movie by using a cliffhanger ending. It seems the final answer to all of Munto’s problems will be forthcoming.


Characters: See my original Munto review for a detailed critique of characters.


Animation: See my original Munto review, once again.


Music: Unlike the original Munto, Beyond the Walls of Time had some nice music. In particular, I’m speaking of the theme which plays during the closing credits. Quiet and heartfelt, it exemplifies the important friendship between Yumemi and those around her. Compared to the former Munto, this film has greatly improved in this department.


Ending: What a cliffhanger! We’re left with more questions than answers, but that’s probably for the best. With another movie coming soon, I’m guessing we’ll finally get to the bottom of this whole Akuto crisis! With the whole scheme of things in mind, I’d say the ending did very well in keeping the viewers’ interest.


Recommendation: Like before, I would recommend this film to those who (obviously) have watched the first one and need something to do for an hour.


Audience: As I said in the previous review, I would not recommend this show for viewers under age 10 or so, for some psychological anomalies that might mess with little kids’ brains.


Final Score: 6 out of 10, for a nice storyline that points toward future answers and the somewhat addicting style of the movie in general. The movie’s appeal as a solitary unit is what kept it from getting a higher score. When viewed in light of the appeal of the rest of the series, Beyond the Walls of Time ranks higher.


For the Christian Audience: The same situations are present here as in the first film. Conclusion: View at Your Own Discretion!



Want to buy Munto 2? Click the links below. I’ve set up the links so that you’ll go to a new page to view the item, then you can click and go to the store to buy the item! Enjoy!

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© 2011 Carrie Ott

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Carrie Ott
Have you seen Munto 2? Tell me about it! Did I do a good job reviewing it?

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