Bound by Forever(30)

Bound by Forever(30)

A Chapter by Tori

So Tristen is Derek's brother, huh? HOWD YA LIKE THAT!!!!! You don't one is even reading this s**t.....blast it all....D****T PENANOR!!!!

He made me feel beautiful. Made me feel desired, wanted, loved, even needed. No one has ever done something so caring for me. He completely destroyed all my insecurities and pains. He made! I was only myself within his touch.  
I confused. I wasn't sure what the hell was going on. And, by the shocked look on most of the other's faces,  I knew I wasn't the only one.
There was silence. Absolute, complete, and total silence. Not a single cricket echoed its nightly melody. Not a single frog screeched it's gruesome croak. The wind did not whisper it's dark secrets through the rustling leaves of the trees. Nope. Nothing. It was a tense, unforgiving silence. The kind that killed you to interrupt. You felt so vulnerable and weak, like any strength you once possessed had vanished along with the melodic sounds of the forest at night. I wanted more than anything to yell. To ask what was happening. To destroy this god awful silence. However I said nothing. It was not my silence to break.
"Oh no..." 
I looked up into the transparent eyes of Kriss. However they did not look back. No, they were too busy scanning the faces of those who had fallen silent. 
"Kriss?" I whispered as quietly as I could. He said nothing yet I knew he was listening. "What's goin' on? I'm so confused!"
"What have you managed to grasp so far?" he asked quickly, his face twisted in concern and worry as he judged the others reactions. 
"Derek, Tristen, and you used to be in a pack, but Derek kicked ole' Tristen out, and Derek and Tristen are brothers."
"Well that's just about it."
"But why did Derek kick him out? Why's Tristen doing this?"
"Revenge." His eyes hardened as he muttered the word.
My mouth opened to ask more, but quickly closed as I decided it wouldn't be wise to push the matter. I sighed. This was all way too much. I mean, finding out my man was a big a*s dog was bad enough, and being forced to live forever wasn't no hallelujah moment either, but this was just too damn much.
I glanced towards Aydean. His mouth was hanging wide open in shock, his eyes practically bulging from the sockets. I wanted more than anything to be standing my his side right now. But no. I couldn't. Not only because my hands and feet were bound, but also I knew there would soon be a fight. One that would end in blood and death.
Holy. F*****g. S**t. You've got to be f*****g joking! How could this be real? S**t! I looked at Derek. His eyes were cast down in shame and despair. Tristen, however, was glaring. I wasn't very sure who it was directed towards, but by God he was doing it. At least this explains half the s**t going on. But...there was still one or two things I needed to know...
Derek raised his stare and met my gaze. He remained silent.
"Why?" I asked again. He continued to say nothing. "Why? Why did you kick your own brother out of your pack?"
"Same reason you're now a lone wolf," Tristen answered bitterly. I raised an eyebrow in confusion. He rolled his eyes and sighed, clearly frustrated by ignorance. I couldn't blame him. "Love, you stupid twit. A girl. I Bonded with a beautiful young she-wolf. And, of course, Derek would not accept this. So, I was forced from the pack. Simple."
I faced Derek yet again. "Derek...why? Why would you do such a thing? What the f**k is your problem with other's happiness?" Anger began to build inside me. For a split moment, I began to feel bad for Tristen...until the memory of Kriss's mangled body and Criss's terrified screams resurfaced. 
"I have no issue with the happiness of those I protect. just tears people apart. It ends in pain and tears. That's why I've tried so hard to keep you guys from falling victim to that damned curse," Derek cried. He finished gasping for air and taking deep breaths. His face had turned completely red, tears were streaming down his face. This was the first time I'd seen him show any emotion so strongly. 
"I did it all to protect you! Both of you! I wanted you to live your lives without the pain and burden of thinking someone loves you! I didn't want either of you to be wronged or hurt! But you just wouldn't listen!" he screamed, sobs escaping his throat every now and again. His teary eyes burned into Tristen's. "Why did you kill him!? Why did you kill him!?"
The stunned look Tristen had been sporting during Tristen's confession completely vanished, leaving behind a gruesome scowl. "Because you treated him like your brother! But he wasn't! I am! And I was still treated like s**t! You loved him more! You worshipped him like he was God. And where did that leave me? The third lonely, tattered wheel. And finally, after finding someone who loved me, took care of me, who actually paid attention to me, you took them away. After I was exiled from your pathetic pack, I had so much on my mind. I became a reclusive hermit. She didn't want to worsen my pain. So, she left me. She stopped loving me."
"That doesn't explain why you killed him!" I exclaimed. Tristen snapped his head towards me. His lips snarled over his teeth, several long growls escaping the back of his throat.
"You wish to know why? Huh? Well, I'll tell you! I wanted him to know what it felt like to loose the one you love the most! The pain of being ripped away from your one beacon of light in this damned dark world." His eyes saddened. "How fast a love can die...and how soon it can come to life again." He gave a quick glance towards Criss. Anger flushed through me yet again.
"You leave her the f**k alone a*****e! She's not yours to love!" I growled.
He sighed. "Not yet. But she will be, after I've eliminated my competition," he said slyly. He smirked and began circling me. I followed his movements. "What do you say? Huh? Winners gets to live, and they get heart of a beautiful girl. Fair enough?"
"I'll never love you, dumbass!" Criss shouted from the sidelines. I laughed. So insulting. I knew she wouldn't either. That confidence in her loyalty was the logic and reasoning behind my very next word.

© 2010 Tori

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Amazing, absolutlety amzing. This is the best love story I've read yet on Writerscafe. And I have read many, searching for one that was wow, that is this. Keep it going, I must find out how it ends.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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