I Want More

I Want More

A Poem by Tori

It's kinda more like lyrics. I imagine this kinda happening when Horax (From my story Love Child) is running away from Melody after realizing what he did to her. So yeah. Idk. They suck :P

So this is what we're melting into,
I can see the resistance in your eyes,
Our future's drifting to the dark side of the moon,
So quickly are we falling, just running out of time. 

Don't fight against this want to,
This chain is bound too tight,
Fate doesn't care how hard you try to,
You can't stop the breathing of a brand new life.

I try so hard to fight against you,
But no matter how hard I try to,
I'm falling back into your world.
Against my People, against my dreams,
You carry the beast who grows within me,
I've tasted your blood and I want more.

A twisted life broken down by words,
You smile and tell worried eyes that you're fine,
What's the use in being strong if you're never heard?
You're just a broken girl who's heart waits for goodbye. 

A Lust that grows beneath the night,
Give everything you've got up to me, 
Help my broken wings take flight.
Don't let go of what you see. 

I try so hard to fight against you,
But no matter how hard I try to,
I'm falling back into your world.
Against my Kind, against my needs,
You carry the monster who grows within me,
I've felt your body next to mine and I want more.

Kiss away these tears you cry,
Wordless bonds tie us down,
I know you're not afraid to die.
We'll fight against the Royal Crown.

A Mistake too fortunate to make,
A new life growing deep within you,
It tore you like a hopeless pain,
A future yet to come, one you never knew.

I try so hard to fight against you,
But no matter how hard I try to,
I'm melting back into your world.
Against my family, against my needs,
You carry the creature who grows within me,
I've felt your warmth around me and I want more.

I want more of you to touch me,
More of you to tear my life apart,
I crave more of you to loose me,
Take me soul and hide it in the dark.
I desire that sweet touch,
That secret forbidden love,
I Want more of you inside me,
I need more of beside me,
I want more of me to disguise you,
All I want is more. 

© 2010 Tori

Author's Note

In Case you don't understand, Love Child is a story I'm working on about A vampire who's method of killing requires more erotic solutions and he ends up getting one of his victims pregnant and thinks sorta spiral in different directions. I'm not sure. Idk. Read it if you want to, reviews would be nice but if not that's cool too :P

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Oh, tori!! You are QUITE the artist! Every poem of read of yours plucks at one of my heart strings, but in a good way. This actually reminded me of my parents....weiirrdd.... anyways, this is a very great gRrrrRreat GErRREATT poem :}

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on November 4, 2010
Last Updated on November 4, 2010
Tags: love, forbidden love, vampire, human, pregnancy, lust, desire, passion



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A Poem by Tori