The Man in the Mirror

The Man in the Mirror

A Poem by Tori

Yeah -__- I'm sorry.

You changed everything for her,
now look at where you stand,
A liar makes a liar
out of an honest man.
How does it feel to watch her slip away?
To turn from and kiss HIM that way?
To watch all you've worked for
blow away like sand,
slipping through your fingers,
like water in your hand.
Lying to yourself and all of those you know,
Hide the burden of your change
so only the change will show.
A poisonous man to take your place,
And keep her close in sights,
Another loser for her to dream of,
while you dream of her all night.
Her memory forever etched onto your soul,
the ink has stained the hopes,
Now you'll never let her know.
The man looking in the mirror,
isn't the one who's looking out,
There's a sadness in your eyes,
only love could bring about.
Close your eyes and allow the fantasies to unwind,
Clear your thoughts of everything,
and yet she's always on your mind.
There's a place where she accepts you,
wants to make you hers,
every whisper "I love you"
is more than simple words.
But only does this place surface
by the hand of sleep,
and when the morning sun breaks through,
you'll know it's just a dream.
Everyday you hope
that maybe something changed,
when she doesn't even know you exist,
you're forever stuck this way.
So every night you'll lay awake and wonder,
what all else you could've done,
while the only one she's thing of,
will never be the one.

© 2011 Tori

Author's Note

um…so it kinda goes along with the Run Away Romeo story and yeah….and what not…..sorry -__-

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Wonderful, as always, Tori. I miss hanging out with you in Art and whatnot sooo much!!! Looking forward to more of your wonderful writing, m' dear. Bravo! :D

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Don't click here! Alright, Hello Everybody! Um I love to read, write, and draw and I hope to become a artist or graphic designer. I also Hope to become and Author and open my own Tattoo Parlor one.. more..

Mary Jane Mary Jane

A Poem by Tori