Why did I live

Why did I live

A Story by Xander

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger right? Not all the time, sometimes it makes you wonder why you didn't die and that's exactly what happened to John Doe.

July 1 2013 Washington township, Newjersey

John and his girlfriend had just broken up, he was feeling down so he met up with his old friend Gary. * phone rings* Gary answers hey John what's going on man? it's been a while. you back in town?
John said yeah bro I'm here again Ive actually been back for sometime now me and Tatiana just broke up so I was wondering if you want to hang out. I can tell you all about Boot Camp in what I'm doing now in the Marine Corps. Gary quickly replied sure dude come on over me and Brian are hanging out by the pool grilling some burgers, drop by and we'll have some drinks and I'll throw an extra burger on the grill for ya!

Brian was a rather big man at the time he weighed over 300 lbs and looked like one of them fat mobsters you see in the old time wise guy movies he wore his hair slicked back in war dressy clothing real good man. Gary was your typical Guido from Jersey dark skinned Italian always dressing like he was about to go to a party with his hair combed. John was the oddball in the group he was a mix of Spanish, italian and Irish he had pail skin and blue eyes with a shaved head, he had been home from his training for about three months at this point.

About 30 mins later John arrived at Gary's and they all talked and had some beers enjoying each others company like they did back in high school. The "three amigos" where back together they hung out almost every day when they weren't working,then one day john ran into Gary's ex girlfriend she asked if he still hung out with Gary and he was honest with her. She then asked for Gary's new phone number explaining to john how she missed him so john told her he would take down her number and give it to him and see if he wanted to text her so she agreed. Later that day john have the number to Gary, Brian tried to tell him not to talk to her again but he didn't listen. Before you know it jacky and Gary were back together.

Weeks go by and Brian starts to not hangout with them as much and jacky started inviting a friend over so john wouldn't feel like a third wheel. The first friend she invited out with them was kristy, the first night they hung out they went to a lake in between Berlin and Winslow near a farm called Stella's. It was pitch dark out not a cloud in the sky and they all went for a swim. Since going for a swim wasn't originally part of the plans they all skinny dipped john hasn't had this much fun in a while not since he was dating his ex Tatiana. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end kristy got out first and got dressed and john went with her just as john was getting out he saw a flash light in the distance, then a second and a third, he quickly threw jacky and Gary there underwear while they were still in the water,just in time too turns out the lights he saw were three cops from Winslow.

Thankfully john and kristy were fully dressed by this point and Gary and jacky had there underwear on. The cops busted there stones a little bit then let them go and told them not to go swimming here anymore for safety reasons. After that kristy didn't hangout with john for a while and so jacky started inviting her friend Jamie instead. Jacky felt bad for john he was only home for a short time when he caught Tatiana cheating on him so she was trying to play match maker. For days they hung out all hours of the night taking trips to Atlantic City, wildwood and all the other jersey shore areas.....

Finally we come to July 20 2013 now the night before John, Gary, Jacky and Jamie stayed up till 3am, when they got up it was 5am they had plans to go crabbing and get some fresh crab to make Gary's mom dinner for her birthday. Now before we continue something strange happened to John that night... He got a random phone call from his dad, his dad told him that he was worried about him that he heard him and his girlfriend had broken up and asked if he was doing okay. John said he was fine just out living up life. When his dad heard about all the stuff that he had been doing ,how late he had been staying out and how much he had been drinking recently he told him that he should slow down. John thinking he knew it all didn't take his fathers warning, so his father told him before they hung up that he loved him and he would pray for him.

That day the four of them drove out to a place near Millville to go crabbing on a boat. They had a blast and caught tons of crab it was the perfect day, 90 degrees or more, clear day not a cloud in the sky. They were out on the water from 8am till 3pm. Then it started to get late and they had to leave, They were worn out from the days events they didn't eat all day and forgot there water in the car. Hungry, thirsty and tired john and Gary loaded the bounty of crab into the cooler and into the 2012 red Ford Explorer. Jacky was gonna sit in the front while Gary drove but she decided to let john sit up with him since she was tired and wanted to sleep before she went to work.

Gary drove, john sat shotgun, jacky was behind john and Jamie was behind Gary. Thankfully Gary's sister let them use her explorer so they had lots of room for all of them plus the cooler full of crab. John quickly explain the fastest way to get back to Gary's house but on the way back John fell asleep. John remembers Gary putting on some really boring music and the last place he remembers being in was Vinland witch is about half way back to Gary's house. While john was asleep he had a dream that he was driving home from Vineland with his dad.

He heard a really loud noise, shattering glass and it sounded like tires screeching he turned to his dad and said what the f**k was that? His dad then turned him in the dream and said "I told you I would pray for you." After that John woke up to Gary shaking him violently and screaming at him ARE YOU OKAY! WAKE UP MAN WAKE UP! When john came to his head was slouched over and he had blood dripping on his cargo shorts. He looked up and saw that the windshield was shattered and his window was missing as well as his side view mirror. Then he noticed they were facing oncoming traffic... that's when John realized they had been in a car accident.

© 2017 Xander

Author's Note

This is only the beginning of a short story based on true events of the life of John Doe if it seems like there are some gaps in the story so far please let me know and before I go to write the rest of the story I will fill in those gaps's as well as fix any spelling errors and punctuation problems. Your feedback is always appreciated thank you for reading.

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I see a great story coming out from this !!!!
You did a good job developing your characters so far!!
As some helpful advice
Try using paragraphs it makes reading much easier and shows organisation
Just a few spelling errors not too big !!
Over all these mistakes that can be easily fixed
Otherwise i really liked this good job !!

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

Thank you for the review I should be working on some of those errors tonight I kinda rushed the last.. read more

4 Years Ago

Ah its no issue at all
In fact worrying about grammar and spellings and all that s**t somet.. read more

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