Nightmares part one (The thing in the dark)

Nightmares part one (The thing in the dark)

A Story by Xander

I've been having a series of nightmares ever since I was three years old they come every 3 to 5 years this is the very first

In 1996 I was 3 years old I don't remember much from that time just bits and pieces. I remember we lived in an apartment my parents and me, I remember I made friends with a group of kids and we played outside a lot and I remember my first nightmare. I had fallen asleep with my parents in their room like most kids I imagine I was too scared to sleep in my own bed for a full night, I soon realized that even if I stayed in my parents room I could still have bad dreams. I remember in the dream I was in all dark room with no lights it was the kind of dark that made it seem like the room you were in was extremely stretched out just went on forever, then I heard a loud voice sounded deep angry and booming like thunder its said "bring forth the judge" then I heard the footsteps of reminded me of the T-Rex from The lost world of Jurassic Park each step getting closer and louder and heavier shaking the ground with each step. Then all of a sudden out of the darkness something grabs a hold of me and held me down what felt like a table my arms and legs were bound and a bright spot light came on over top of me and then I could see him The "judge" he had pale white eyes he looked like a beast similar to a rhinoceros with dark gray skin his skin was leathery he had his nose pierced like a bull and was wearing armor that was so black it was darker then the surrounding darkness in the room, with each breath he took it looked as if steam or smoke came out. In his hand he was wielding a double sided battle ax, he rose to ask higher above his head and then swung straight towards the center of my body just as he's about to make contact with my stomach I woke up screaming... I was in my parents room again it was dark and I was alone my mom came running in and told me everything was ok but I couldn't stop crying my mom held me in her arms till I fell back asleep. It wasn't until recently that I was just chalking that dream up to a normal bad dream but then I started noticing a pattern few years later I had another dream but that's for another time....

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