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 Nightmares part two (Red sky's and shadows)

Nightmares part two (Red sky's and shadows)

A Story by Xander

A continuation of the series of nightmares I've had over the years.

In 2000 I was seven years old, my family had grown since then and we moved into a cozy little house at the corner of The neighborhood where my grandparents lived. Now there was myself,my mom and dad and the new addition to the family my sister Gia, she was only about three years old at this point. At this point in my life I was to old to be sleeping in bed with my mom and dad so naturally I slept in the only other place I bed. At first everything was fine then I had more nightmares.

The one that really stuck out and I remember clear as day and still terrifies me is this one. I was walking down the street in what I now realize is the town I live in today. There's a strip in the town that has little mom and Pop shops,diners the police station and fire department. In the dream the sky was blood red and the sun was blocked out and pitch black. Cars were over turned and set on fire, people were hanged from traffic signals and service poles. But that wasn't the part that most disturbed me, what really scared me were the shadows inside the stores.

I could see shadows in the form of people but they weren't normal they were twisted and hunched over and crouched. I walked by as many of the stores as I could quietly then one of the shadows turned its head towards me in a snapping jerking movement. It had glowing solid yellow eyes that were slanted and wide no mouth but made a horrible ear piercing scream. Then all of the windows shattered in all the stores and all of the shadow creatures ran out into the street after me.Just as they surrounded me and we're about to grab me I woke up screaming. It was daytime and my mom came in to see what was wrong I told her nothing just a bad dream....

© 2017 Xander

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Added on June 2, 2017
Last Updated on June 2, 2017



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