Our Kinky Anatomy, Part II:  Lovely SKin

Our Kinky Anatomy, Part II: Lovely SKin

A Story by Xander West

Our Kinky Anatomy:  Part II:  Lovely Skin


How the lightest of caresses, to harshest of slaps effect our amazing skin in such vastly different ways, and how we each react uniquely to each response showcases a miracle.  The largest organ of the human body, surely must be the most delightful of sexual organs, for how else would you explain the erogenous zones across our bodies, each unique for our lovers to discover, each driving us into our own ecstasy.


The pleasure of tracing my fingers across your skin, exploring your body, traversing all your curves, discovering every hot spot on your body, and how each can make you moan.  Kissing the nape of your neck, watching your back arch in response, knowing all too well there is so much left to uncover.  My lips barely touching the insides of your wrist, slowing moving up your arm sends such lovely goosebumps down your spine, alighting a fire in your eyes.


The subtle movement as our two bare bodies lay intertwined, the pleasure aroused by the contact of skin upon smooth skin sends wave euphoria through us both.  Your nails digging slightly into my skin, raking down the length of my back as I plunge deep with you, only drives the pleasure home ever further, heighten sensations throughout both our minds and bodies.  Hair being pulled to entice the scalp, the sensitive skin only begging for more attention as my long thick c**k drives ever deeper, the moans of pleasure captured by the enticement of our skin’s pleasurable responses.


Just as our skin pushes our erotic senses, so does our erotic behavior stimulate the growth of healthy skin, rejuvenating your skins glow as I stimulate your c**t, teasing with the softest caresses of my fingertips, the smooth skin pleasuring such a small organ, yet it’s powers pulsating through your body.


The miracle of skin caressing as I push every deeper within you, the sensual touches of my lips and fingers caressing lines upon your seemingly never-ending sexual organ, driving your to eagerly beg out for more.  The sensation of my large powerful hand slapping the curvature of your bubble a*s, the sting’s sensations only heighten the pleasure felt throughout your body.  How the slightest bit of pain arouses the mind through our skin’s nerve receptor, each working independently each combining into an explosion of sensations erupting in the deepest pleasures.


Smooth inner thighs caressing, the soft skin exposed as you spread your legs wide, my hands caressing and gripping upon such arousing skin, my lips nibbling upon sweet areas, the oxytocin and endorphins released by the stimulation of our skin’s treasure, no wonder we are addicts to our pleasure, hands exploring hot spots as we push each other past ever-lasting orgasms.


As we explore each other’s bare bodies, please enjoy the skin’s never-ending sensations.  Drive your nails in to the blades of my shoulders, bite down on the strength of my chest, let me admire the sensation of your lovely breasts bounce, the erotic sensation felt through your skin, enjoyed by blue eyes.  Caresses the lengths on arms, as my fingers draw lines upon your neck, nibble upon my ear lobe as thrust ever on.  All the sensations of your skin, our largest sexual organ powering us through our ecstasy-filled adventures.

© 2021 Xander West

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Added on February 2, 2021
Last Updated on February 2, 2021


Xander West
Xander West

Suffolk, United Kingdom

I lost my passion to write for several years, better yet, I ignored my passion to write for several years. I am only once again touching my surface. more..