A Winter Wonderland

A Winter Wonderland

A Story by Xander West

A Winter Wonderland


Through the dense woods we gleefully explore, to fulfill a fantasy dreamed of long before.  Brisk northern winds lost amongst the thick evergreen trees, but whispering through the branches as if the wind is dancing above us, lost in a melody of itself.  The winter sun lost behind wispy clouds, but whenever sunlight does shine down upon the forest, birds come alive as if vocalizing a thanks for the brief respite of a long winter. 


Upon a little lake we stumble upon, half covered in ice, but still reflecting the trees dancing in the wind, clear as a I can, yet enchanting in a winter way.  Down upon the soft ground of leaves we lay  a broad thick quilt handed down through my generations, smooth and luxurious to the bare skin, warm enough even in this winter wonderland.  Upon the quilt we lay, shoes and coats slipped off as we lay under the heaviest of fur blankets I own, white and gray, softest fur you have felt, thick enough to keep our body heat with us we wrapped ourselves up, intertwined amongst our winter wonderland.


Sipping warmed wine with just a hint of cinnamon, holding each other as we take in the scents of the wine, the reflected beauty of the small lake, the dancing of the trees,  and whispering of the wind, and our hands exploring the curves of each other, slowly coming out of our clothes in pursuit of ever more erotic exploration.


Kissing every part of each’s bodies, from every sensual curve, to ever hard inch.  Our lips explore, tantalizing teasing as we find ourselves bare under the fur blanket, each eager to explore much further.  With the help of her, I slide Fifty Shades Freed c**k ring around my swollen shaft.  With its pleasuring rabbit ears and powerful vibrations, the anticipated trembling orgasms only heighten our sensations.  With the push of a button, my long, thick c**k is turned into a vibrating instrument of pure pleasure, now vibrating on the lips of her already wet p***y.


With slow motions, I let my throbbing head tease her c**t by circling her sweet spot over and over with by vibrating c**k, looking into her eyes as she moans, so eager to enjoy every moment, yet so eager to succumb every more.  The first inch on my c**k slipping inside her p***y drives her p***y to explode in cum almost instantly, with a smile I enjoy the warm gushing of her squirting orgasm rushing over my long c**k, down my big balls.


With every inch I plunge inside her, her back arches a bit more, her breathing intensifies, and her orgasms build in intensity until she is almost constantly cumming  on my c**k. By the time I squeeze fully inside her pulsating p***y, the rabbit ears sit just on her c**t, vibrating and pleasing to the point just my c**k and ring’s presence is driving her body’s reaction, cumming more and more. 

With every slow movement, the trembling of her legs grows until her whole is body is trembling from my every movement.  As she becomes lost in ecstasy I enjoy the fruits of my ring’s labor, my c**k soaking up every bit of her sweet honey, enjoying every drop of cum gushing from her body.  The sensation of her orgasm feels better than sensation every felt, as before long my c**k is throbbing, swelling in size as I edge closer to my own orgasm. 


At just the right moment I slide out from her p***y only to squeeze my c**k as I start to orgasm, cumming load after hot load until her tits and face, my cum erupting from my c**k all over her body.  With every load her fingers and tongue are eager to taste every bit, staring into my eyes, eager for even more.


Sliding my still throbbing c**k back inside her wet p***y, we hold each other close as the toy still brings wave after wave of pleasure through her body, until finally my c**k is swollen again, eager to once more.  With long, stroke thrust I slide completely in and out from her p***y, holding the toy against her c**t for a moment on each down stroke whispering such sinful ideas into her ear until finally her nails dig into my back and she starts screaming for my cum deep inside her p***y.  With a smile and eager c**k, I do nothing more, but to fill her up with as much cum as we can squeeze from my throbbing c**k.


Collapsing into her arms, we lay together intertwined under our fur cover, both soaked in our cum, adoring the reflection of the lake, the dancing of the trees, the whispering of wind and the still eager vibrations of the small and mighty toy.


© 2021 Xander West

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Added on February 2, 2021
Last Updated on February 2, 2021
Tags: sex, erotica, erotic, winter, hot, outside, woods


Xander West
Xander West

Suffolk, United Kingdom

I lost my passion to write for several years, better yet, I ignored my passion to write for several years. I am only once again touching my surface. more..