Exile of fire

Exile of fire

A Story by X

manga series



Chapter 1      [炎宮殿]


Kaji: So, the decision is final?


2nd Commmandant: Yes sir "soon to be" ruler. If all goes according to plan, by tomarrow you are sure to be ruler of our province.


Kaji: what do you mean "if" there should be absolutely no complication to this upcoming event......


2nd Commandant: uh... Umm


Kaji: [laugh's] I'm kidding, look; as long as the crown is put upon my head that's all that matters. Between you and me, i'm  not exactly looking forward to a exceedingly loud and chaotic ceremony.


2nd Commandant: Certainly, there is no doubt, you always keeps me on my toes. Though sometimes I really am not able to identify whether or not your joking, you always have such a serious facial expression.


Kaji: I know what you mean, I am not fond of social interactions. Not sure how i'm supposed to look.


Kaji: I'm off to sleep, I have to prepare the the ceremony.


2nd Commandant: A wise decision sir.


[Eaves dropping amoung the isle]


Donsou: My heart aches, in the end i have no choice but to forsake him. After the pain and agony, comes tragedy. All to one lonely soul. But who actually deserves it?


Donsou: Brother, we've come A long way, tis' the peoples deception and the leaders choice. Democracy's not valid, prepare for a rude awakening.


[Every royal heir of the Blaze Empire must be branded, it is an obligatory law. But the heirs being fire resistant up to a certain point have to be branded at temperatures of 100,000°C or higher to sustain damage to the flesh. Covering 45% of the back area, is the symbol (火) and its stands for "fire". Serving the province military since age 14 Kaji Blaze is not only entitled the right to be leader, he has earned it. Will all of his devotion pay off?]


next chapter [欺かれる!]



© 2010 X

Author's Note

just a manga series i'm trying to get started. a little cliche, yes but i'll try to make sure the story line and characters are totally different than others. the main character for now is named Kaji Blaze.

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Added on April 9, 2010
Last Updated on April 13, 2010
Tags: manga, script



Athens, GA

Love movies, whatever genre. ummm i am a noob writer, i don't even write (usually) but recently i have been influenced by people around me. i'd have to say about 30% of my freinds wrote peotry. so... .. more..

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