portraits and me

portraits and me

A Poem by X

something i had to do for class but o decided to add it here also.


The portrait

Graphite concaves on paper making light disappear. The pencil moves in a way that seems to soothe the user.  A lesson on how to draw is simple, move a writing utensil around on a sheet of paper until you have yourself an image. My image is my identity. My history and who I am is clearly portrayed.  In the photo, my face is still. Along with an absence of color is an absence of emotion, an absence of facial expression. Walls lined with brick as cold as steel reveals a rugged train of thought through a dismembered mind frame. This is my identity.


Who I am


I am simple yet complex; I am not a big fan of pictures taken of me because I do not want to see myself in a different light. I am easy to get along with, difficult to hate, and extremely difficult to understand. My mind, my thoughts would scare people, drive them away like stink on a dog. I find human emotion to be complicated and annoying but I can’t help but feel. Being socially shy I can’t look you in the eye without turning away. I usually don’t speak unless someone speaks to me, which I guess is somewhat of a problem when getting to know people. One could try really hard but they wouldn't understand me unless I told them. Hi my name is Xavier, and this is a tiny bit of me.


© 2010 X

Author's Note

same as description, please rate/comment

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Dude this is awesome! I love how you've set this up. The portrait has a strong elevated language, and the second Who I am, has a much rougher colloquial tone to it. A stark contrast of what you appear and who you are. A fantastic write my friend. I love the image of charcoal lines and steel. Spectacular my friend. A very original idea.

Posted 10 Years Ago

I can describe this piece best by using a line from it, "simple yet complex". It is well-written in the simplicity of it, yet there is a deeper meaning beyond it all. Good write.

Posted 11 Years Ago

i really like both , the way you described the portrait and yourself, very good

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on April 22, 2010
Last Updated on April 22, 2010
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Athens, GA

Love movies, whatever genre. ummm i am a noob writer, i don't even write (usually) but recently i have been influenced by people around me. i'd have to say about 30% of my freinds wrote peotry. so... .. more..

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