Amor Sanguinis

Amor Sanguinis

A Story by Chrissy

vampire store i wrote for my english class



Amor Sanguinis

            Vampires. There are so many different views on them from all different types of authors From Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” to Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight”. Maybe they once met vampires like that. I however am like neither. I am a night school creative writing teacher. I class over from my writing to look at my class hard a work on their assignment.  I was suddenly overcome with thirst. I immediately grabbed from my mini cooler in my desk of my favorite sanquin drink. The scary thirst was quenched.

            Melinda, a petite shy student, walked up to my desk, “Miss Elizabeth, I’m writing about fairies, how can I make them seem more real?” I smiled, “well dear, take every book about fairies you have ever read and conjure up their personalities and pretend you are a fairy! That’s what I do when I write.” At first she looked confused then she bowed her head in thanks and skipped off to her seat. She looked like a fairy bouncing off like that. She picked up her pen and started writing with purpose.

            The last bell of the night rang school was over. Naturally, I am nocturnal. The same goes for my husband, Dr. Victor De Santos.  My maiden name is Wilson.  I go to the hospital, where my husband works, every night after I am done teaching. When I arrived I went to my husband’s empty office, he is probably with a patent. I sat in his huge spiny chair and waited. He came in to the office and smiled hugely when he saw me and moved swiftly to sweep me out of his chair and kiss me squarely on the lips. He sat down with me on his lap.  I suddenly got serious in my posture and got off his lap remembering something. “My sister came for a visit” I hissed.

            He stood up and hissing “Why?” as his face contorting and his canines grew out.  Persephone is a killer, her blood lust over powers her and she enjoys killing the innocent.  My husband’s job is to care for vampire victims and cover up the evidence of unwieldy vampires. Persephone was out casted and banned from returning to NYC and every other big city. She murdered and left many bodies in dark alley ways throughout the years.  We share much hatred for my sister.

            Victor was so pissed he clocked out and drove us home.  Persephone was lounging on our couch with a past out prostituere who is dripping with blood. I could smell the disease in the blood.  She looked up at us standing in the door way with disgust on our faces. “Hello again my dear sister!” Persephone laughed and grinned while her lips and teeth are stained with crimson blood.  In a blink of an eye Victor had Persephone up against the wall by her throat. “How dare you come back here? You have been banned from New York or have you forgotten?” Victor held her so tightly that if she was human she would be dead. She laughed and then dug her nails in to his arms. I went running at her as he lost his grip. I straddled her as I pinned her to the ground.  She stared at me with her cold blood shot eyes, “I miss you baby sister, can’t I just come to visit?” she said in a sweet voice. I hissed at her “NO! Especially if you’re going to kill every human you pass and leave them in the street then let a human bleed all over my beautiful house!” I was screaming at the end of my sentence.  She batted her long eyelashes “Oh whatever do you mean, Elizy? I just came here to tell you Uncle John is slowly dying.” Then under her breath “I poisoned him.”  I was so shocked; I let loose for one moment. Before I could do anything she got out of under me and ran out of the front door.  I got up and locked the door.  Victors cut was already healing up. “We must find where Uncle John is and help him.” I was panicking.  Victor however was calm, “We need to clean this mess.” 

            We called the Vampire Society, they were alerted that Persephone was running a rampage and we need a maid to clean out our house of Persephone’s left overs. Then we went out on a mission to find Uncle John. We drove to his apartment. He wasn’t there. We drove all over Long Island we found him stumbling around dripping with human blood in a dark back alley. We went and put him in the back of our car, with much protest on his part.  I finally convinced him he was safe for now and we would get him cleaned up. I could smell poison on his breath. He looked at me in the eyes, he looked crazy, but he knew who I was “Do you know who poisoned me Beth?” it was so sad to see him like this. Normally, he would be strong and handsome. However, with the poison she gave him he is dying and the years of being a vampire are catching up to him soon he will shrivel like a raisin and turn to dust. “Yes, it was my sister, Persephone.” he was sitting in the back seat getting older by the second.  Uncle John has been a vampire for thousands of years.  In a soft, raspy whisper he said “Do not let her get the throne.” I shook my head “I won’t.” as I said that he turned to dust.  Victor stayed quite as he drove back to our house. “This is going to be a rocky adventure to keep her out of his throne.” We got home just before sun rise and went to bed in the basement. Tomorrow will be difficult. We must fulfill Uncle John’s dying request.


To be continued. . .

© 2011 Chrissy

Author's Note

i am not sure if i am going to continue this or not. please tell me if you think i should or its a waste of energy

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