Meeting Ganesh

Meeting Ganesh

A Story by [email protected]

I was never too familiar with the Hindu gods. Once or twice I came into contact with Kali. I couldn’t sleep either night because it felt as if my soul had been set on fire. Since then, I had only read about a few, mainly the Sapta Matrika. I would’ve never expected one to actually reach out to me.

            Ganesh appeared to me while I was meditating. Aside from the fact that he was as huge as a skyscraper, I could easily recognize him because he had the head of an elephant, sat in a lotus position, and had eight arms. Despite my lack of knowledge about the pantheon, my soul told me that this was the entity known as Ganesh. When his arms moved, reality seemed to warp, and, when he stomped his foot, the ground all around quaked. However, there was no maliciousness radiating from him. Instead, his actions seemed to suggest a friendly sparring match.

            Sprouting the eight arms didn’t seem difficult, but I couldn’t grow as large as Ganesh. I wouldn’t be able to mimic his ground shaking ability at the magnitude that he could manifest it, but I could cancel out some of the energy by dancing and absorbing some of the hit so I could recycle the power to create a more intense dance. I was able to resist the first wave, but the second quickly overwhelmed me. Even though I was easily dominated, no winner was declared. Ganesh continued to radiate a friendly calm.

            After the experience with Ganesh, I purchased a miniature statue of him. It reminded me of a chess piece. I held it while thinking of him in hopes of establishing rapport. I also thought of the multiple arms.

            “The ones with many arms are the most successful at multitasking,” a calm voice spoke to me as I saw the words before my eyes like a subtitle.

            Magick falls under three categories: Combat, control, and comfort. These three overlap and intertwine, therefore, they can not be separated. Offensive and defensive magick fall underneath combat. Offensive may include curses, hexes, or sending spirits after a target. Defensive may include shielding, recovering from blows, illusion, or some other method of redirecting danger. Control includes manipulation of a single target or of a situation. Health, sex, and wealth fall beneath the umbrella of comfort. In some way, shape, or form, one category will flow into another. There should be balance. Be careful not to become too defensive or you’ll risk isolating yourself. If you become too offensive you will be ostracized.”

            When I commented on his laid back nature, Ganesh simply told me that nobody likes a charging elephant. That’s when my phone rang and the transmission stopped.

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Added on May 29, 2022
Last Updated on May 29, 2022
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