high school love

high school love

A Poem by victoria

today the world is changing
love has found my way
its made its path next to mine
and im afraid its here to stay

but love sometimes gets distant
hurt and pain take its place
i sit there and remeber
everymemory linked with his face

with love there comes resbonability
one im afraid im not ready to take on
i sit here and i worry
because im still a young little one

people say loves to young, 
to find its way to me
but high school love is diffrent
its more complex you see..

high school love is crazy
its falling at for him abnormaly fast
and im afraid your not aloud to stop, 
you just have to let it pass

high school love is sneaky
is comes like a theaf in the night
it steals you heart you mind your thoughts
and replaces them with only the one

high school love is intense
every feeling is multiplied
study harder longer
every sence is magnified 

high school love is hard
because you deal with matters of the heart,
and with the heart comes lust,love,likeing
and that may not be for one person at one time


high school loves uncomprehendable
you simply can not try to define it
for it will switch its meaning on you everytime
and show you just how strong it may be

love is nothing simple
nor any matters of the heart
for your heart and mind and soul
may all walk a diffrent part

they may all want diffrent things
and you have to choose which one
but that my dear is never easy
and not everyone chooses the right one

so let me tell you this last thought
and you can be on your way
no matter of the heart is easy,
especially not in the high school way!

© 2013 victoria

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Author's Note

i really hope you enjoy and can understand and can relate <3 please ignore the spelling, when i write i just let my figures go and they may not always hit the right keys, i hope you like it though!

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Definitely understandable! I liked the concept but the spelling mistakes were a little distracting. Otherwise great read!

Posted 5 Years Ago

Simple. But that makes it a high schooler grade of straightforwardness.
Good understanding.

Posted 5 Years Ago

that was very enjoyable ..
great work :)
keep it up

Posted 6 Years Ago

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