these nights

these nights

A Poem by victoria

have you ever sat there?
late at night
when the world settles down
but your minds wide and up.
on those nights of lonliness
and mindfull corruption
and every problem and toruble
seems to find its way to you?
have you ever wanted to talk
but no one was there
they were moveing on
while you stood so still.
while time kept on going
while your world stood stoped?
the feelings are immense
they attack you 
you cant escape them
its the nights when your mind runs free 
and your feelings take over
and no matter how hard you try
you can not control them
they invade your life
your thoughts
your wants and prayers
its like every pain of every break up 
hits you and you feel them all
and you miss everyone
and you want them all back
and those nights you text people saying you miss them
but in the morning you relize what a mistake you made.
its so overwhelming
you never know what to do.
these nights are the nights who make a person 
as strong as there weakest points
and mine im relizing is m heart
i love to hard 
and to strong
for to many people
i give myself up for the ones who i shouldnt
i let in the ones i know wont hurt me
but then they do
and im left there confused
but im so shocked i dont allow myself to feel the pain
until these nights
these nights are the darkest of memories
they all flood me
all the strongest emotions are out to play tonight
missing people
there all here
and i wish to just sleep
but my heart races and my minds racing
and my emotions keep me trapped in the dark.
so ill pull through
and hope for the best
and hope to make it till morning
for these are the nights
i find myself

© 2013 victoria

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Added on October 27, 2013
Last Updated on October 27, 2013



Wonder Land, RI

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