my other sides broken

my other sides broken

A Poem by victoria

theres a nother side to me
 a sid no one has cared to meet
the side of me only comes out at night
when my tears fall and my emotions can not be turned off
shes been showing up more and more now
all because my ex 
he act like i dont exsist
when hes the only one i can ever see
no one understand me
and the pain im in
i try to run from it
but it always seems to find me
my heart is in a dark painful cage
where my stomache hits my throat
and my eyes burn red 
from all the tears i try not to let fall
 but he dose not see this
he does not see the pain inside
for while i act all happy
im truely a mess inside
i dont know how much more i can take
or when this all will stop
but i dont want to give up on him
i just want him to want me back
so ill keep all this up
and see just how much i can take
for now all my tear drops fall
and creat a painful lake
this is my other side
the side i dont let show
for while i look all happy
what you all dont know
is i have a nother side to me
a side thats showing more
i dont know how much i can take
before this side take over
before i break down 
and my heart breaks and bleeds out
idk anymore

© 2013 victoria

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Added on November 3, 2013
Last Updated on November 3, 2013



Wonder Land, RI

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