its a force stronger than us, its love

its a force stronger than us, its love

A Story by victoria

s: "what do you see in him?"
me: "i dont know, theres something about him, something that catches my eye and make my mind wonder. Something diffrent, i keep expecting him to leave and then he turns around and does the sweetest thing for me. He amazes me. I understand you dont find him physically attractive, and you dont understand what i see when i look at him. but...he diffrent"
s: "what do you see? how is he diffrent? what attracts you to him?
me: "it starts a year ago, last year. You think that he saw me first, but your wrong. I saw him, something drew me        to him, i saw him and couldnt look away. i dont know what it was, but everyday i feel that with him, me          being drawn to him, me not being able to look away. I cant tell you what it is but i can describe it. Its like he will be walking in a crowd of people and i wont be able to see him but somehow i know hes there i can feel him sense him, and then hes there. Its like our souls attract and our body has no resistence to it, because it a bigger force than they can handle. I get sounds weird, but from the first day i saw him i felt like somehow i knew him, not like a memory but like my soul knew him. I always just thought it was me till the day he talked to me, and come to find out he felt it to. Theres a million guys in this world, but i choose him, not because i feel forced to but because deep down i want to, need to. Ive never opened up to the point where i wear no makeup and put my hair up, but i did with him, and i saw him look at me and smile and said "how? how did i get so lucky? your beautiful" hes diffrent because he lets me in, more than hes ever let anyone before, he trust me, and cares about me and for the first time i see the love my parents have, that eternal love something bigger than we control. Something stronger than anything weve ever known. He will always fight for me steph, he puts me on a pedastool and makes me feel like im the sunshine on his coldest days. Wanna know my favorite thing about him tho? He opens up to me about his thoughts and friends and fights with parents, he comes to me sweetie, im his light, im his safe zone, and ill always be that for him. because when hes mad i fight for him to see me, i fight for him to look at the brighter days and he loves me for that. Im thankful for him, and how many people can you honestly give thanks to for being in your life who arent family?"
s: "wow, you really care dont you?"
me: "i feel like i always have"
s: "good for you"

© 2013 victoria

Author's Note

i hope you enjoy this and maybe can relate

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Added on November 10, 2013
Last Updated on November 10, 2013



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