The concert

The concert

A Chapter by Xoxolove

The big show

""          Within moments of uploading the status all my friend where blowing my phone up with girlish squeals. One direction -the- one direction was going to be in north Carolina and that meant Harry styles.  Bleep! My phone lit up with a text alert bringing me back from my daydreams  "congratz baby (:"  My boyfriend Justin texted my face instantly shifting into a teasing smile.  "Harry styles <3"  Was all I replied anticipating his jealousy tinged reply. It was no secret that I had an imaginary love affair with the sexy singer. "Very funny. I'd kick styles a*s"  He replied jokingly causing me to laugh to myself.      Ignoring any further text messages I drug myself over to my closet stopping in front of my mirror to ruffle my brown curls. I needed the perfect out fit, sure front room seats didn't mean the boys would notice me but I certainly wanted to be notice worthy.       Finally  deciding on my custom "larry stylinson" Tshirt and a pair of mid thigh shorts. I Headed down the stairs to began the long school Day leading up to the show that night.        The day breezed by surprisingly fast. Before I knew it me and my best friend Holly where pulling into the parking lot of the packed stadium.  "excited?" I asked arching a brow "obviously, I'm gonna see zayyyn"  She practically squeaked.  "Careful your fan girls showing"  I replied with a wink slipping out of my car and hitting the automatic locks.       Looking up at the massive stadium my stomach suddenly filled with butterflies. It was so unreal. After all this time. After staying up countless nights watching xfactor on live stream. After being one of the few American original directioners they where finally here.   "breanna, You coming or what?" Holly motioned to me from the entrance of the stadium. An amused look on her face. "yeah coming" I replied shaking myself from the pointless nerves. It was just a concert. Nothing to stress about in the least.         After finally finding our seats it seemed like ages before the lights finally dimmed low. Cheers broke out as liams beautiful voice broke the air  "You're  insecure don't know what for.."  (to be continued)   

© 2012 Xoxolove

Author's Note

Please comment and let me know what you think. This story line is going to based kinda around the song "more than this" my personal favorite. I realise this is short and follow up chapters will be longer but I wanted to post a sort off sample chap 

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Added on February 24, 2012
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I'm 17. Love one direction. &harry styles more..