A Day In Your World

A Day In Your World

A Poem by Akoka Folami

Inspired by realizing how lucky I am to have a peaceful family...and seeing how many things I take for granted...and how good people are at putting on masks...etc :

I looked at your world
With judgement too swift.
I saw a perfect life
With nothing hard to lift.
"Perhaps some family's trials
Make it a mere troublesome,
Yet the flood of laughter and friends
Outweighs all the cumbersome.
I went through the week,
And as night came,
My boredom began to leek.
It outweighed my gratitude
As I fell asleep.
A gunshot sounded and I opened my eyes
Out screeched a life-haunting scream
I leaped out of bed
And I saw child's tears to fill a stream
She held her mother's head
Now wane, trembling, and frail.
Pained and unfathomably horrified
At her husband's cruel betrayal.
The little girl looked at me
With a grasping stare to make my blood curdle.
"Be thankful you only  have night,
Instead of a day within my world." 

© 2011 Akoka Folami

Author's Note

Akoka Folami
This one's kind of depressing, but I hope you guys still like it. I was just at school and I realized how hard some people's lives are but they don't wear it on their sleeves. I respect that!! My life is SO much easier than most, but I complain a LOT so I wrote this. Okay, I'll stop monologuing. Enjoy.

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Very fluid! I love it! Very....I wanted to use the word poetic but, that's too general and kind of lame, to be frank :). Anyway, the last half is so touching, it gave me chills. And I completely agree with you on the subject matter. You and I have it so easy, and even when we think that things are difficult, someone out there would rather deal with our problems everyday than their own. Fantastic! This is a real beaut. (:

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on April 20, 2011
Last Updated on May 5, 2011
Tags: Poetry, Thankfulness, Curiosity, Bitterness, Horror


Akoka Folami
Akoka Folami

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