A Story by Anonymous/Anjaan ( Yash V.)

The story of how evil can still redeem himself......

We have always known that there are both angels and demons inside us.But what matters is what we want our life to be like.
But what if someone wants to change?

Dave Reese, everybody knew about this man in the city of New York. He was a really gifted athlete in field of baseball during his high school years.
But the glory days were now over .Those days had a long time ago perished. Now he owned a real estate agency and had earned a significant amount of fortune and has a son Jeff, who is an equally talented baseball player and the captain of high school team,the Foxes.
Dave’s wife, Hilary is now searching the glimpse of his husband’s long last innocence and love. She always would say, Dave sold his soul a long time ago, whenever someone asked or talked about Dave.
The real reason why Dave was hated by his family and friends was ,him becoming a changed person but for evil. He was not raising his son, but torturing him. He had lost his love for his wife.
He had just one goal in life destroying his elder brother John. John was never better in baseball or studies .He was better than him in being a human. A kind hearted gentle person John was. That’s why Dave always antagonized him. But his frustration over this made Dave want to kill him, literally.
The day was 13th September, a raging storm had hit New York. But more raging were Dave’s eyes .He had bought a gun and went over to John’s house. John answered the door, took Dave inside. Suddenly Dave took out the gun and pointed at John’s fore head. Dave was screaming, ’your death is the solution to all my problems!’ ‘I have to kill you’ But John was yelling at him, ’Davey boy ! The voice which is directing you to kill me, goes’ ‘I love you Da…’But before taking his name John shot him point-blank range. For a few days ,everybody thought that John died because of a heart attack .But during his funeral, realizing what he had done, Dave went on his knees and confessed everything and surrendered to the police.

4 years later….
Dave is released form the prison and served the sentence, everyday dying inside. He missed John! As soon as he went over to his home, he learnt that his son Jeff had married his high school sweat heart Miranda and they have a son Luke. But Jeff punches his dad as he entered. He was yelling "you are not my dad! You died the same day uncle died ! My son will never see you! ".Heart broken, Dave goes in a park and pledges to redeem himself. To be a better person. For a year, Dave used to see his grandson at his school and used to teach him the importance of life. He learnt the meaning of love. But someday suddenly Luke told all this to his parents. Realizing that Dave had redeemed himself, Jeff forgave his dad and invited him to his home and hugged him.
After some brief years, Dave died, holding the photo of his brother, John. He had surely redeemed…
“We all can change ourselves, we just need that heart.”

© 2013 Anonymous/Anjaan ( Yash V.)

Author's Note

Anonymous/Anjaan ( Yash V.)
This is my first STORY on this site ! Kindly review it !

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Added on October 23, 2013
Last Updated on October 23, 2013