Miedo (Fear)

Miedo (Fear)

A Poem by Me Llamo Itzel Moctezuma ¥

I just want shove the kid in front of me with no remorse,
I imagine him bashing his knee
Against the pavement shouting for an echo to respond with mercy to spare.
What a twit, I couldn't help but laugh because being careless and young is more intimidating then what I thought it was.
It crazy for me to correspond in a unsettled behavior that almost makes you feel uncomfortable to have a cria like me surpass your childhood memories.
The endless background of dwelling blasphemy i swallowed wholely in one stale gulp having to demolish the nocturnal wasteful imagine of my life that'll remain untouched in its own relinquished confinement that I've vanquished entirely....
you ever forbid to lock eyes with the demons of your past? think about it tho, what makes you shake in place but freezes your spinal cord the instinct an iceberg lifts your nerves to a cold lonely place that's defined as a hostile solitary confinement breaching the sweet barriers of the earth with no chances of saving you.
That's the deadly view of fear --
A fear that not everyone shares. Its fear one creates on their own. This fear is so nerve racking that I'm left in gasping terms to find the courage for words. For someone to finally f*****g hear me and say, "don't worry, i'm coming. Everything is going to be okay".
maybe the world went in loss for words during the horrid events i had to take into consideration because I didn't feel present towards mankind. Maybe..... Maybe, that's what fear made me believe. It made me believe that I wasn't of any use towards anything, even the three week old carrot tucked your under fridge.
That's how foul it'll seduce your gullible premature brain cells.
It's a wicked curve ball that'll have you thinking if you blinked or not. Now, that's a hit you wish you missed.
No can longer run thru any base. Your three strikes fooled you and had you thinking twice.
Left everyone wondering when the third pitch would come along. It fooled you. It defeated you in a subconscious Aurora that caused every other human to fall in a deep coma of hypnosis.
..... now, is this fear of yours mighty ravishing enough to lock eyes with once again?
come lock eyes with mine.

you'd want to fall on your knees just like the boy i shoved before taking a peek to my capturing dazzling glare of despairing memories that'll have you begging on the ground to not live in fear because of the tragic wasteful scars ironing upon your skin forming into the same pigment and entering the gates of your gruesome nightmares from which you can't escape.

I'll show you what fear is. Fear made me the monster I am today. I own fears left nut sack. I didn't need pair to toughen up or tell me, "get the f**k up and get your a*s up. you got to go out there a live, whether it rips you limb from limb,
Rotates you inside outside with all your vital organs hanging, while gushing parasites all over the living room floor
For you to slowly flip on,
And not even then!
Don't you ever dare look at me with such filth and toss me an excuse to not lock your sight on what comes your way but for once.. For f*****g once, actually c**k back and swing it out of the yard!!!

Don't let it destroy you where your heart is kept....

Fear is finally locked out my front door.
It was slowly escorted out".

How crazy tho, you wouldn't believe...
i never heard from it since.
Now, that.. That was a home run you just
couldn't miss.

© 2016 Me Llamo Itzel Moctezuma ¥

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Added on July 18, 2015
Last Updated on September 24, 2016


Me Llamo Itzel Moctezuma ¥
Me Llamo Itzel Moctezuma ¥

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