Red Dead Online: Heists Epilogue Cutscenes

Red Dead Online: Heists Epilogue Cutscenes

A Screenplay by Yangy

Cutscenes which take place after each of my proposed "Heists" for Red Dead Online.




Agent Smith stands in the records room, assessing the damages. He walks through the main prison cell block, If this is during season 6, John Marston will be seen in a cell." He approaches the warden’s office, opens the door, and shuts it on the camera.

Fade to black.





Derek is sitting in the cell in Valentine as Agent Smith enters the Sheriff’s office. Smith gestures to the Sheriff, who nods and takes a walk out of the building.


AUSTIN: Derek Rook, I didn’t expect you to be used for a pawn. How about you tell me how these horrible people played you for a damned fool?

DEREK: Now, I already told the Sheriff, I don’t quite know what you’re talking about. I wanted to buy those sheep, but they were stolen from me.

Austin takes a knife from his belt, and approaches Derek.

AUSTIN: Now feller, don’t pretend I don’t see you trying to pull the wool over my eyes. I know you didn’t have the money for that livestock, so why don’t you tell me what happened. -He stabs the knife into Derek’s shoulder -

Derek screams in pain

DEREK: Alright, alright. They found letters I wrote to a woman who wasn’t my wife. I made a mistake, okay?

Austin twists the knife, Derek screams again

AUSTIN: Tell me more about these people.


Cut to black.




Austin is seen sitting in his office, reading a newspaper article about the heist, he slams the paper onto the table, crumples it up and throws it at a wall out of rage. He stands up and walks way from his desk, pacing the room.

AUSTIN: Those sons of b*****s!


Fade to black.




Samson is seen trading with the Fence at Thieves Landing, he walks round to the side of the docks as he counts his money. Austin Smith is standing waiting on him.


AUSTIN: I’d say it’s a pleasure to meet you, Samson. But it really isn’t.

SAMSON: (Looking wary) And who might you be?

AUSTIN: Clearly, my reputation isn’t worth much among scum like you. The name is Special Agent Austin Smith, and I’d like to clarify - I’m not after you. I’m after your friends responsible for the recent raid on Caliga Hall.

Samson laughs

SAMSON: Feller, I have no idea what you’re talking about.

AUSTIN: Yes, you do, you measly savage. As far as I see it, you’re damned if you tell me and damned if you don’t, so let’s just make this easier on you?

SAMSON: I suppose I could make it easier on myself.

Samson pulls his gun on Austin but is quickly shot in the back by another Pinkerton. As Samson drops to his knees, it is revealed to be Agent Andrew Milton.

MILTON: Mister Smith.

AUSTIN: Perfect timing, Andrew. He leans down to Samson, who is on the ground dying. So, feller, any last words?

Samson spits blood in Austin’s face. Austin wipes it off.

AUSTIN: Clearly not.

Austin kicks Samson in the stomach, before taking out his revolver and shooting him in the head.

Camera cuts out to Old Man Jones, who is further back from the dock. He runs back to the player camp.

OLD MAN JONES: He’s dead! He’s dead! He killed him.

CRIPPS: What are you talking about, you crazy old fool?

OLD MAN JONES: Special Agents Austin Smith and Andrew Milton. They shot and killed Samson! Now he, he was a bad bad man, but he didn’t deserve to die!

CRIPPS: Lord! Right, boss, just be careful on any future robberies, okay?

OLD MAN JONES: Be careful? Be careful? What you need to do is get out of here. I hear Chuparosa is nice this time of year, after all.

Establishing shot - Pinkertons office. Cut to inside. Austin is talking to Milton.

AUSTIN: I have to say, Milton, your reputation proceeds you. I read your case file on Van Der Linde, chasing a man like that out of the country is a real feat. - But Samson, he wasn’t our target. Don’t get me wrong, that no-good vermin was responsible for hundreds of robberies across the states, but we have much bigger fish.

MILTON: And those are fish I can’t wait to fry.

They shake hands. Cut to black




Establishing shot of the train in the water, horses are pulling the carriages out of the water. Milton and Austin are near the dynamite detonator.

AUSTIN: I can’t believe you had one of them in your hands, and you let him get away! What, did you think you could repeat your Saint Denis antics and just shoot a man in front of his friends?

MILTON: I will have you know that operation was successful. We apprehended a member of the Van Der Linde gang, eliminated two, and sent the remaining robbers running out of the continent with their tails tucked between their legs. My methods work, Mister Smith, and if you don’t like that, I suggest you learn to deal.

AUSTIN: Excuse me? Don’t think the rest of us haven’t heard. Dutch and his merry men have been spotted on a small plantation island off the coast of Cuba. Clearly, you’ve become overzealous in your methods, and aren’t willing to work with your superior officers. That plan of yours to sabotage the boat failed, and you let five experienced criminals get away. It’s clear you’re not fit for this case, so I’m taking you off it.

MILTON: So be it.

Milton clenchis his fists, and returns to Annesburg, where he meets up with Agent Ross.

MILTON: The Van Der Lindes aren’t through yet. We’ve got to kill those b******s by any means necessary.




Inside the Pinkertons office, Smith is at his boss’ desk.

PINKERTON BOSS: They raided a castle, d****t, a castle! How did you manage to f**k up stopping them? And to cut Milton out of the case? Are you mad? You’re barely operating this yourself. You’ve lost your damn touch, Smith. I’ll give you until the end of the month to catch these criminals by yourself. Fail, and it won’t be just your job you lose.

AUSTIN: Yes sir. I understand.

Austin walks out of the room, leaving the Pinkertons office building, he walks into a nearby alleyway where he sees a passing drunk. Austin walks over to him, snatches the bottle from his hand and smashes it across his head. The man falls to the ground, and Austin climbs on top of him, beating him to a pulp.


Cut to black.




Inside the Tumbleweed Sheriff’s office. Terrence is in the cell, complaining.


TERRENCE: She betrayed me! Isn’t that worth something? I’m a good man, I’m just hurting-

SHERIFF: You’ll be hurting a lot worse if you don’t shut your damned mouth.

Terrence sits back down, the Sheriff’s office door swings open quickly. Austin Smith enters.

AUSTIN: Sheriff Sam Freeman.

SHERIFF: Look, sir, I don’t know who you are, but around these parts - We don’t take too kindly to people rudely barging into places.

AUSTIN: Special Agent Austin Smith, and I’m here to discuss your recent apprehension of the man in your jail cell.

SHERIFF: If you’re here to take him, please do.

AUSTIN: Not quite, do you realise you worked with outlaws? Thieves? Murderers? All for what? Some pathetic maggot? Your duty is to uphold the law, and if you don’t stick with these values - You won’t be sticking with your career for long either. Understand?


Cut to black.


The Annesburg Mine Plunder:


Inside a fancy estate office. Jeremiah Shaw is sitting writing documents and letters. His butler enters.

BUTLER: Sir, there is someone here to see you.

JEREMIAH: (Not looking up from his paper) Send him in.

Austin Smith enters.

AUSTIN: Special Agent Austi-

JEREMIAH: Yes, I know who you are. I’ve seen you with dear Leviticus. What is the matter.

AUSTIN: Right. The mine you have stakes in was robbed, I believe this was a gang of outlaws I’ve been following.

Jeremiah slams his pen down on to the table



Cut to black.




The players disembark from their boats and start placing the loot bags onto a nearby wagon, Austin Smith shows up on horseback, and dismounts, walking towards the players clapping slowly.

AUSTIN: I finally have you. Sisika, Blackwater, Fort Mercer, so many places you’ve stolen from. So many people you’ve damned. You know, you four, and you in particular -He gestures towards the host player- have been a real thorn in my side. The level of turmoil you all have caused me, as much as I’d love to see you all rot, well I’m just sick of you. That’s why I have my best sharpshooters on that right there bridge.

Austin gestures his arm round in order to call the snipers to shoot the players. Nothing happens. Austin looks around, making wider and wider gestures as the players look at eachother confusedly. Jessica, Horley and Cripps show up on Jessica’s wagon.

JESSICA LECLERK: Mister Smith, were you expecting something to happen as you danced around like a damned fool?

Cripps gets out the wagon, and drops one of the sharpshooter guns in front of Austin.

AUSTIN: Well, I might as well make this easy on myself. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Austin raises his gun, triggering a deadeye scene in which players will shoot him.

Austin falls to his knees, the host player walks over to him and points their gun at his head as he struggles to breathe. The player points their gun up towards the air, away from Austin’s head. He falls to the side, dead.

JESSICA: Well, I suppose that’s that, then.

HORLEY: I suppose it is, what now, madame?

CRIPPS: Might I suggest drinks?

JESSICA: That is a fantastic idea, Mister Cripps.

The group travel to the Smithfield Saloon in Valentine, and order a bunch of drinks in celebration.

Establishing shot, Pinkertons office. Andrew Milton is staring at a Van Der Linde case file.


MILTON: Hello, sir.

PINKERTON BOSS: Agent Smith is dead, and his case has fallen apart. I’m assigning his resources and budget to your Van Der Linde case. We’ve had reports that Dutch Van Der Linde, Micah Bell, Javier Escuella, Bill Williamson and Arthur Morgan are returning from Guarma. You’re going to need all the help you can get.


Cut to black.

© 2021 Yangy

Author's Note

The Red Dead Online protagonist never speaks, at most they will make a noise.
The missions support 1 – 4 players, so for any cutscene where the player character is involved, it will work with the host taking priority in the cutscenes. Other players will be seen in the background.
These cutscenes are only seen at the end of the missions, so some context will be missing from these scripts.

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