A Poem by The Crow

My cheesy 90's rap


Revolution with a musket

world war with a rifle

love standin nice and tall

From empire to the Eiffel

I’m your average craker

a new aged slacker

When I see acute honey

I measure with a protractor

I spend my days

avoiding all the fuzz

Busy-a*s little bee

with that little green buzz

Dancin on a side street

Make a beat just because

You’re damned if you do

So the Doer just does

Take a break

blow the smoke out your lungs

All the world’s tongues

speak about the same s**t

And bit by bit

Japanese or Brit

We b***h about it

As we take another hit

Collectively, even excessively

If you think about it, it’s a bit funny

A planet that planned it

A minute profounded

That ain’t a word, stupid

So now your a*s is grounded

I’m your Midwest freak

rest of me up the creek

try to remain chill

While I speed and I tweak

Spend my existence searching

For the what to fulfill

When I find the right matter

I’ll put that s**t in a pill

Not a lot of time to fill

But I still chill homie

Had some fools talk some s**t

Then I told them all to blow me

Was not my finest hour

I was bleedin in the shower

but learned along the way

That learning’s true power

© 2016 The Crow

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Added on August 1, 2016
Last Updated on August 1, 2016
Tags: Revolution, with, a, musket, world, war, rifle, love, standin, nice, and, tall, from, empire, to, the, eiffel, slacker, cracker, stupid


The Crow
The Crow


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