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The Flat Chested Sophomore~Chapter 1: First day of awkward

The Flat Chested Sophomore~Chapter 1: First day of awkward

A Chapter by Gabriela Figueroa

Chapter 1


Chapter 1

So the first day of school started like every year, cold and foggy at 6 am, it was a Thursday. But this year was different; I was going to public school. Ever since I was old enough to go, my parents sent me to a private all-girls school. Don't ask me why when I'm 15 and going into my sophomore year for them to say, “Hey, since Monique now has no experience with boys and is used to quiet polite girls her age, let’s send her to a public high school with teenage boys and girls!” Like really. When I asked they said I can't be used to one type of kids, I have to go out and meet new and different people. Yea, I understand that but why now? Why not when I was 12 or 13? It bugs me, but I’m not going to argue.

Ok but one thing I am absolutely dreading is gym. I mean it’s already bad being a new kid in sophomore year, but to be used to all girls gym? Plus on gym days which was twice a week, we just came in in out gym uniform and wore it until gym at the end of the day and then go home and change. I heard at public school you have to change in a locker room... with no changing rooms. It might sound fine to other girls considering they are used to it and are comfortable with their bodies, but I’m a little different. I am ashamed of my body, for one I am still waiting for my puberty to hit. I mean yea I got my period last year but I still am waiting to be blessed with breasts, hips and an actual figure. I have not even an A cup, I am still flat as a board and wear training bras, training bras at 15! Can’t wait to see all the other girls changing with their perfect teenage bodies, and I’m just standing here like a 12 year old boy... Well, more about me other than I have the figure of a 12 year old boy. I am 5”4 and am slim. I have brown hair, a little above my shoulders and I have hazel eyes. But another thing different about me and most public school girls is I never wear makeup. Like literally the only thing I consider makeup is Chap Stick and lip-gloss. I’m not saying I’m too pretty for makeup, because my looks aren’t that good, it’s just at my private school makeup was not allowed and I felt comfortable because no one else was wearing it.

So back to this dreary morning, I was so forgetful this morning that I almost put on my uniform. Then I remembered that I had to wear my “weekend clothes”. I started to get nervous and pulled out literally everything I own out of 2 dresser drawers; yea I need to ask my mom to take me shopping. I quickly scribbled a note and set it on my dresser. It read: “Ask mom to buy me clothes.” So I ended up picking out a purple turtle neck, and one of my best jeans with my red sneakers, since it was only August, and it’s cold in the mornings but gets to around the 70 degrees F, I live in Vermont so it’s normally on the cooler side, so I didn’t bother with a jacket. I had my new backpack ready and all my fresh school supplies packed. My mom wanted to make me lunch like she did at my private school because she said that she doesn’t trust cafeteria food, whatever that means. My mom wanted to be early so we left right after my breakfast and put a bobby pin in my hair to pull back my bangs as much as I could. As I was walking out the door, my dad said “Moooonniiique.” I turned and he handed me a slip of paper. It was my schedule. From what I saw on our tour, this was a huge school with several different buildings and 2 floors in each, which will be tough since I’m used to 3 classes in one building. I said thanks and kissed him goodbye. Once I sat in the car my stomach started to hurt and I had butterflies. I started to feel warm and tried to stay calm by taking deep breaths. I looked down at my schedule. I had English first in building 4, first floor, History of Art and Music next, I picked that class because I thought it looked interesting, it’s in building 2 on the second floor. Jeez, I am going to have to do a lot of walking. Then I have Chemistry and Forensics both in building 1 on the first floor, my mom wanted me to do Forensics. Then I have lunch, which will be a trip, trying to find a place to sit. Last classes are History, in building 1, second floor. Then Gym in the gymnasium, sadness... and then Math for the last class is in building 3 on the first floor.

Before I knew it my mom was pulling up to the front. She said we were 10 minutes early so I could find my class and seat. I sat there in awe for a couple of seconds, then my mom put her hand on my head, “You’ll do great Monique.” she said with a warm smile. I swallowed and stepped out of the car into the brisk air. I grabbed my bag, smiled and waved at my mom. I watched her drive off and remembered I only have a little of time to find my class. I turned and faced the big campus. I started walking toward the office entrance, looking straight ahead of me and not at the kids talking, laughing and walking past me. I opened the door and entered the campus, which had benches trees, picnic tables and a lot of people swarming around. It was so crowded I didn’t want to even attempt it, two people pushed past me nocking me off balance and kept going like nothing, and I guess this is how public high school is. I started to walk into the crowd. It seemed like everyone was just standing there talking even though we only had 7 minutes till class. I looked back at the paper in my hands that was now damp with sweat from my hands.

English class is first, building 4, first floor room 103.

I walked up to the large building with a 4 on the doors. I opened the heavy door and there were some boys sitting next to the door and they ignored me, oh well. I walked down the hall looking at the number on the class doors, 1....2.....3. It was a tan door with a large number 103 that someone drew; next to it was a sheet that said “Welcome Students! Ms. Janet’s English Class!” There were drawings all over the door. I opened the door to see 2 kids in desks and a young Ms. Janet turn to look at me. She smiles at me, “Sit wherever you’d like.” I said “um....thanks”. I looked around, there were only 2 girls seated next to each other in the back row. Ms. Janet was a kind looking young woman (around 27 or 28). She was very slim, but tall. She was wearing a pink dress with a grey sweater. Her brown hair was tied up in a loose bun with her bangs out. It was 5 until the bell so I took a seat alone at the front row in one of the desks. The desks were in 2’s, so looks like I will have to sit next to someone. Ms. Janet seemed to be getting ready by shuffling papers and that’s when the avalanche happened, about 10 other kids all at once shuffled in a 3 of the bell and took seats in the back rows, I guess people like the back row, because I was the only one in the front. Then a bell rang at 2 of and around 15 more kids came in. They started sitting in the other rows and a boy and a girl sat behind me and continued talking. The class piled up and no one sat next to me, and every other seat was filled. I started to feel self-conscious and sad even. Then about a second before the final bell rang a boy opened the door and ran in, huffing and puffing, he must have been running. He apologized to Ms. Janet, “It’s Ok, it’s the first day, Hun, just sit down” she said with a smile. He looked around the room and spotted the empty seat next to me. He started walking toward the front, my heart started to pound as he came closer; I never really was good with boys and was awkward around them. He looked at me and smiled, I got nervous and turned my head, I heard him sit down and put his bag on the floor. Kids were still all talking in the background

Then Ms. Janet started to talk: “Hi class, my name is Ms. Janet and I will be your English 10 teacher for this year. I don’t know any of you yet but am looking forward to knowing every single one of you. I am going to take roll, Say here when you hear your name please....” Ms. Janet read off the names on the list and a “here!” came after every name. I turned to look at the strange boy who sat next to me. He was rummaging through his backpack, he had dirty blonde messy hair, and he was wearing a blue shirt and tan skinny jeans. He looked up when the teacher said James Renolds and said “Here!” and waved his hand. He continued rummaging. I knew my name coming up, since my last name was Thomson. “Monique Thomson?” I said a quiet “here.” She heard me since I was in the front row and smiled at me, and continued.

When she was done she told everyone to pull out a spare notebook and write down notes from the slide presentation of things we will do this year and why it would be fun. I took notes in my new black composition notebook and paid close attention. Ms. Janet seemed like a fun teacher and I was looking forward to the activities and projects she talked about. Most of the kids were talking and not paying much attention. Maybe it is because Ms. Janet isn’t a very intimidating teacher and they knew they could get away with it, even on the first day. After the notes she said we would do an activity so she can get to know each of us. She said she would pick someone and go down the aisle and we have to stand up say our name, grade, and favorite book.

I got nervous since I was in the first row and quickly thought of one of my recent books I read by James Patterson, one of my favorite authors. She picked a girl on the far right in the front to start she introduced herself as Jane in 10th grade and her favorite book is the Twilight series. Then a boy, named Fernando, he said he doesn’t have a favorite but he likes horror. Then it was my turn I stood up quietly, “Uhmm, My name is... Monique, and I’m in 10th grade, my favorite book is Witch and Wizard by James Patterson..” and I quickly sat down without looking at anyone. I heard a couple whispers and felt uncomfortable. Then they boy next to me stood up, “Hey, my name is James, I’m a sophomore, and I like reading Shakespeare, especially Hamlet and Macbeth.” Ms. Janet seemed happy at that and said that he will certainly love this year’s reads then. Some kids whispered and laughed. I guess kids in public school are obnoxious too. He sat down and noticed me looking at him and he smiled at me. I felt embarrassed and turned away. He didn’t look like the type to read Shakespeare, he looked, well cool, and cute and like he would be into sports and stuff. 

The rest of the class went, with most of them saying they don’t have a favorite, or some even saying they don’t like to read. Only a few of the girls said something like Twilight or another vampire/ romance series. One boy said he likes comics. Then when everyone was done Ms. Janet said that there were only 5 minutes left until the bell and she said just to take a break, she sat down at her desk and started to go on the computer. Everyone started talking. The class was buzzing with noise. I just sat there awkwardly and hoped for time to go faster. Next to me James pulled out a book and started to read. Before I knew it the bell rang and everyone rushed out of class. I fumbled with my things and pulled out my schedule. I was looking at my next class when I heard a voice.

 “Are you new here?” I turned to see James smiling.

“Uhmmm....Yes... to the school.” I felt my face get red.

“Oh cool what’s your next class?”

“Uhhhh...” I looked at the paper, “History of Music and Art, in building 2, room 209”

“Oh cool! My next class is in building 2. Let me show you where it is.”

 He started to walk and I followed. When we got to the doors, there was even more kids than before thousands and thousands of teens just huddling through the crowd, some were sitting and talking at the benches. I walked up to James’ side so that I wouldn’t get lost. He kept walking through the crowd and I followed. People were bumping into me left and right and I held my backpack tight. Finally he opened the door to a building and held the door for me.

“Ok, this is it. My class is on the 1st floor, the stairs are right there and the classes there are the 200’s.”

“Thanks...” I said quietly.

“Hey, what’s your name again?” He asked.

“Uhm... Monique Thomson” I said

“My names James, nice to meet you, Monique” He said with that smile, “Do you have first lunch?”

“Yea..” I said looking at my schedule.

“If you don’t have anywhere to sit you can sit with me and my friends. We are going to sit outside at the benches. Hope you can find us...” His voice trailed off. “Well see you then!” He said as he walked down the hall.

I felt stunned that I already have someone to sit with at lunch. He said with his friends so we won’t be alone. Maybe I won’t be so nervous. Then I heard the first bell sounding 2 minute till class warning. I started running up the stairs and lost my breath. I can’t be late on the first day! I looked at the door number, 201! That means 209 is at the end of the hall. I started to run down the hall with my backpack bouncing on my back. Then I saw the class 209. I opened the door to see everyone was already there and the bell rang right as I came in. Everyone was staring at me. Was I late?! I went and quietly sat at the desk nearest to the door in the back, next to a girl sitting alone. Then 2 more kids came in after that one minute late and sat down too.

My teacher came to the front, he was an older man, guessing in his 50’s, because he only had some hair in the back and his front was bald.

He had large glasses propped on his nose and was wearing a red tie and a dark green jacket. “Hello class, my name is Mr. Sternwell,” he said as he wrote his name on the white board. “Just a quick note, I will not be accepting anyone late after today. I will be locking the door at the final bell and you will have to get a pass from the office. Each student gets 3 late passes per semester before they get detention.” Wow, he sounds like a strict teacher, the opposite of Ms. Janet. He then got a handful of papers from his desk. It’s funny how everyone was quiet in this class rather than Ms. Janet’s. Mr. Sternwell cleared his throat, “This is an elective class, the history of Art and Music. Which means this class is a mix of 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade classes. I expect you all to treat each other equally as if you were all in the same grade.” The upperclassmen bully the lower classman? Then he said he would take roll and to say here and raise our hand. As he was reading the names, I looked over at the other students, and then I realized that all the other girls were wearing tight pants or shorts and tight shirts or blouses, and here I was with a purple turtle neck and loose jeans. Then I looked over at the girl I was sitting next to, she was a pretty girl with long blonde hair and she was wearing a pink dress (really low cut) with a jean jacket. She had a lot of jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and more. She was wearing quite a lot of makeup with heavy eyeliner. She looked back at me and turned away, without a smile. Well, she doesn’t seem very friendly.

When Mr. Sternwell called “Bethany Gorgins”, the blonde girl said here and raised her hand. After that she pulled out a mirror and started fixing her makeup that wasn’t even messed up, and primping her hair. I heard my name and said here and raised my hand. After he was done he said that tomorrow he will be putting us in assigned seats so not to get “too comfortable” where we were. After that he went on about how we would go to Art museums, Music Museums, and lots of other fieldtrips, so to be on our best behavior so we won’t ruin our chances. It sounded fun but he made it seem less exciting, with his monotone flat voice. After he was done talking he told us he has a worksheet for us to fill out about ourselves and that there were no wrong answers on it. When I got the sheet, I looked at both sides, which was full of questions. He told us that if we didn’t finish in class its homework and due tomorrow. He seemed like he was trying to make class fun but it seemed more like work than fun. I pulled out a pencil from my bag and then I felt someone tap my shoulder. “Hey.” Said Bethany, the blonde next to me.

“Yes?” I asked.

“Have a pencil?” She said with a blank look.

“Ohhh... uhh yea” I said as I pulled out my pencil case. I handed her a brand new pink mechanical pencil. She said thanks without looking at me and started to write on the sheet. Oh well, I thought. Before I knew it, class was over; I had only 7 questions answered. The bell rang and I packed my things, I turned to see if Bethany left. Let’s just say I never got that pencil back.

© 2013 Gabriela Figueroa

Author's Note

Gabriela Figueroa
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This is a good story, and I really like the main character! The main thing you could do is describe more, rather than outright tell things. With her actions and the way people speak, it feels like you just 'tell' rather than 'show'. There are also some grammatical issues, mostly with commas (I'm the same way) that can be fixed by reading it aloud to yourself. Great story!

Posted 5 Years Ago

this was a very engaging story. i like the character of monique a lot. i like her awkwardness and honesty.the story being through her eyes, you really captured the experence of someone's first day in public school from a private girls' school. i got interested in her classes, her teachers, and what it would be like. it's good she made a friend right away, and on the opposite she met some snobby girl who doesn't even have a pencil for the fist class on the first day, and how she treats monique. this story has so much potential you should really continue it and flesh it out. excellent job.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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