The Silent Hunter

The Silent Hunter

A Chapter by YokaiShinigami

The cold steel resting next to me, I felt my heart thumping, I inhaled, and then gradually exhaled. Through my small window I saw her walking by.  My heart skipped a beat, a small chill ran down my spine. She turned in my direction. There was no hesitation. I acted and in under a second her body fell to the warm earthen ground below her.

                I am Jaeger DX-6i, I am a sniper. I am a hunter.  One of the empires snipers, my job is to eliminate a special class of soldier known as Knights. I guess you could say I’m a coward, who hides and kills. But there is no way a normal soldier could take on one of these guys normally. Hell, had I missed. I’m pretty sure she would have killed me. Yeah, they’re that powerful. They’re not human, those guys, they’re monsters, they’re demons.

                I put my rifle back into its case, which looked like one meant for carrying cellos. Then I dressed in my civilian attire, and made my way towards where her corpse lay.  This was the life I was forced into. As my physical prowess was in the top ten percentile when we were tested at the age of ten, I was put into a special program. That trained us to fight. We couldn’t really do anything else.

                We are given benefits. Our Salaries are four fold that of an average person. We have immunity to certain laws. In the name of the Empire, we can take anything belonging to a normal civilian away from them. Yes, literally anything.  However we are also kept in check because of this. No one wants to associate with us. That’s why I like my job a bit better. As an assassin, I am allowed to blend in and live a somewhat normal life.  I can pretend to be one of them. Granted that I am always in enemy territory and can never develop any friendships because of this, it’s still nice to pretend every once in a while.

                I am allowed to go to concerts, to plays, to movies, to other social events. I am accepted by those around me. I am able to pursue my love for playing the cello. I can go to restaurants.  Essentially I can enjoy the life of a normal citizen. Not that it is really an enjoyable life. I mean, if they knew that at any second, their city could be the next battlefield. Well that would be that. There are rumors going around, people know, but they choose not to believe.

© 2010 YokaiShinigami

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This seems interesting (: I think I'll keep reading it XD

Posted 10 Years Ago

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