Down the Barrel

Down the Barrel

A Chapter by YokaiShinigami

Jaeger and Shigeru face off against Kenji


                That scum, he didn’t differentiate between civilian and soldier. He’s just killing for the hell of it. I can’t allow it. He’s got no targets; he’s a monster out to destroy anyone who is aligned with either faction. And in the midst of it all, I’ve ended up working with well, my latest target. A newly enlisted and highly promising individual by the name of Shigeru Heike, luckily for me he accepted my offer to help him take down this monster.

                Damn it, he found me, I was in the ruins of a recently demolished building as bullets of energy flew past me.  Their angels were changing rapidly changing; he was fast, encircling me.  Behind me, down the hallway already! Damn it all. I didn’t get to finish setting the charges.

                Shigeru was supposed to have been holding him off, the hell had happened? I didn’t know. I drew on my sidearm, in an instant the demon shot it out, shattering two of left fingers.

                “You really thought you could stop me?” The demon said to me. His silver hair flowing, he wore a face mask that covered everything from his nose down. Show me your face before you kill me… but hell I don’t deserve that. “Thousands of your men tried, even knights. And here you are. A lone hunter, in the middle of enemy grounds, you’re kind of like me. But unlike me you are weak. Not even that rookie knight lived. He did put up a valiant fight however… in the end, not even he could defeat me. He was very much like I was back then… but enough of that.”

                “How many of them were trained to kill scum like you?” I said throwing a frag at him. He shot it midway, the explosion knocking me back a few feet.

                S**t! The shrapnel, it had hit me, there went my right eye, my left hand broken, internal bleeding. Great, just wonderful, but I’m not done yet demon. I’m not done yet. I’ve still got a little fight left in me. And I’m sure not even you could have… the hell you have… untouched by a blast of that magnitude.  Guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

                “KENJI!!!!” I heard his voice, Shigeru’s voice calling out to the demon, the demon turned around to see Shigeru lunging at him. Shigeru was covered in blood, his own likely but he seemed to have healed his wounds, or at least temporarily kept them from being a hindrance.

                “You’re persistent aren’t you boy?” The demon said. “You could have lived to see another day, but instead you chose to come to his rescue.”

                “That’s what a knight is supposed to do, not go around slaughtering citizens.”

                “Yet this one is a soldier of the empire, an assassin sent to kill you.”

                “Used to be, we’ve thrown away those nations. We fight for ourselves now, for the people of the world.”

                “Then you should be helping me.”

                “Is this what you call justice?”

                “No this is what I call a necessary evil!” The demon shot at Shigeru who barely managed to dodge the shot. Heh, so the demon can control the power he puts behind those shots . Cause these are about 10 times more destructive than what he was using against me. Yeah, a strange looking handgun that can fire energy bullets… I wish I had one of those.

                Whatever, while those two fought, this was my chance to finish him off. I crawled over to my sidearm, Good he didn’t notice me.  Never mind, he did, his speed was blinding, he picked me up. Strong too… d****t a normal person really can’t fight here can he, and threw me into the wall. Shigeru attacked from behind, furiously, he was blindingly fast too, and he wielded some kind of energy sword.

                A frag, and a flashbang. I still had those two left. Well let’s make some magic. While those two fought, I picked myself up against the wall. The flashbang first, I threw it at them.

                “Shigeru, get back!!!” I yelled, and he complied, the flash blinded and deafened both him and the demon but he had fallen back as the demon was shocked, the frag followed; there’s no way in hell he could live through this.

                Sad to say, after I woke up in a hospital bed a week later, Shigeru told me the demon had lived. The demon had managed to take the explosion of a grenade at near point blank. Shigeru had fired multiple lightning bolts at him. Hooray for magic. And even after all that, he managed to run away with nothing more than a few flesh wounds. But yeah, as for me, I am now under the guise of a citizen of the alliance who was killed during the fray. And my former self, Jaeger DX-6i, he was KIA. That’s killed in action.  So from this point on, I will live on, and I will change this world from within.  

© 2010 YokaiShinigami

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